Stuff I’m thankful for

Today we celebrated my sweet SIL and the day of her birth.  Fiddledaddy offered to take care of ALL THE CHILDREN between us so that (some of) the sisters and my mother-in-law could hit the town for a ladies night out.

Trish (birthday girl), Natalie, me, and Cathy

I would like it to be known that I’m thankful for family.  And I’m thankful that Fiddledaddy drug me kicking and screaming across the country to Equator, Florida 14 years ago so that I could be surrounded by this amazing group of people.

I’m also thankful for the genes that have been passed down from father to son, so that I might understand the primal need to use duct tape for all home repairs, both large and small.  When super storm Sandy skirted by our coast a few weeks ago, my in-laws lost their beloved 20 foot flag pole that graced their front lawn for nearly 40 years.  My father-in-law was undaunted, and he continues to display his love of country.

Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving, my friends!  I will return on Monday, wherein I will also be thankful for stretchypants.

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