The Sympathy Card

by Fiddledeedee on November 20, 2012

I had the pleasure of volunteering to help in my younger daughter’s AHG meeting today, along with my other cohorts and partners in life crime, who are also 3 of my closest friends.  Thoughts turned to thankfulness as the girls all created works of art which demonstrated those gifts in their lives that they give glory to God for.  (Yes, preposition at the end of the sentence.  It will taunt me for days.)

The mood took a somber turn as the children began making cards for one of our dear leaders who just lost her 24 year old son after a battle with cancer.  This loss has hit our troop so very hard, and for many of the children, this is their first experience with death.

The cards that the children created were beautifully decorated and thoughtful. One particular card captured our attention.

This well intentioned card I believe we’ll gently pull from the pile.

The sentiment was genuine and pure of heart.

But I’m pretty sure that Hallmark won’t be seeking a copyright.

(I feel that I should report that the author of the above card does not share my DNA.  I’m hoping above all hopes that I’ve not passed on my penchant for the inappropriate to my own children…but only time will tell.)


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