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The Sympathy Card

I had the pleasure of volunteering to help in my younger daughter’s AHG meeting today, along with my other cohorts and partners in life crime, who are also 3 of my closest friends.  Thoughts turned to thankfulness as the girls all created works of art which demonstrated those gifts in their lives that they give glory to God for.  (Yes, preposition at the end of the sentence.  It will taunt me for days.)

The mood took a somber turn as the children began making cards for one of our dear leaders who just lost her 24 year old son after a battle with cancer.  This loss has hit our troop so very hard, and for many of the children, this is their first experience with death.

The cards that the children created were beautifully decorated and thoughtful. One particular card captured our attention.

This well intentioned card I believe we’ll gently pull from the pile.

The sentiment was genuine and pure of heart.

But I’m pretty sure that Hallmark won’t be seeking a copyright.

(I feel that I should report that the author of the above card does not share my DNA.  I’m hoping above all hopes that I’ve not passed on my penchant for the inappropriate to my own children…but only time will tell.)

7 Responses to The Sympathy Card

  • ROFLMAO!!! I must say, that card made me laugh! Ah…gotta love the honesty of children.

  • Straight from the heart, love it.

  • It wasn’t yours!!! Congratulations!!! 🙂 Victory in the house of Fiddle.

    I think if I were in charge I’d pull it aside for the initial gift, but keep it. Mom may need it someday. Or at least if she mentions that she liked the cards in a year or so you can tell her about it and have a good laugh. ???

  • A child’s well intentioned honesty, gotta love it. 🙂 For many years I have believed we need a card selection for Christians that rejoice when a loved one goes home. From experience I know that mourning is how those that are left cope with a lost loved one, but those of faith who KNOW their loved one is now with the Father rejoice that they are no longer in pain, ill, etc. They have TRULY been healed. While being sensitive to the feelings of those left behind we should also celebrate that fact. Just this week I’ve shared that very sentiment with friends who have lost loved ones due to cancer, and they totally understood my intentions, and even agreed. As one friend said, “I cry for myself, not for them. I will miss our talks and moments together HERE, but rejoice that my friend is now truly healed and in the arms of Jesus. I am jealous.” I know those who think “worldly” do not understand how we can have that peace; that hope. But, because of the grace of God we can. Yep; we need a line of cards like that.

  • This is a long shot, but by any chance is the boy who just died named Brian? I live in Ohio but have a really good friend who lives in Florida, and her nephew just died of cancer and he was 24. I had been praying for him.

  • So after much prayer about this card I decided the following… The little one that made this card also put a lot of thought on what she wrote on the inside (again, being something straight from her heart) and I didn’t want the family missing out on something that was made especially for them. I decided to take some crayon and color in the bottom row and then place some more star stickers. I wish I would have taken a picture of it for you!

  • That both made me cry and snort with laughter. I hope that’s appropriate given the situation. Indeed, time will tell. 😉