Perhaps I’m obsessive/compulsive

Because I’m always looking for a way to better the camping experience, short of checking into a 4-star hotel, I’m now obsessed with pop up campers.

I don’t have one, mind you.  But I have dreams of one day owning one.  But therein lies several issues.  A)  No money to buy one.  B)  No space to store it.  C)  In general, they are very very ugly (not a fan of brown faux wood)…unless you buy a really hoopty ploopty model, and well, see A) above.

Fiddledaddy is on board with this dream of mine to one day upgrade our camping experience to include a real bona fide camper.  We love our tent that attaches to our van, LOVE IT, but we’re looking ahead to only getting older (and less enthusiastic about the manual labor), while our children only get bigger.  Two of those children are now officially taller than their mother.  We think that a pop up might see us through most of the teenaged years.  Providing our children still want to camp with their aging and square parents.

And so we turned our attention to Craig’s List.  Just to see what was out there.  I remarked on the unattractiveness of most campers.  Fiddledaddy casually mentioned, “You know, you could paint the interior.”

Well yes I can.  Before children, that’s how I earned my keep.  I turned old ugly brown furniture into works of shabby chic art and sold it for MAJOR dinero.  Then I remembered some pictures of a shabby chic camping interior that I had pinned on my Pinterest board under “Camping”.  Originally I had assumed that these campers had been gutted and refurbished. I dug up the origins of these photographs, and located the actual before and after evidence on the website.  Scroll down to the end of these pictures to see how incredibly cute this camper looks when simply adding white paint and some new fabrics and accessories.  I HAVE THE KNOW HOW  TO BE ABLE TO DO THIS.

It is now my mission to find a pop up camper on the cheap, and transform it into a sweet oasis.

My only stumbling block will be a place to store it.  But I figure that if it turns out as well as I’m hoping, I’ll stash it in the back yard and simply move in.

It will be my mom cave.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  Or lack thereof…

8 Responses to Perhaps I’m obsessive/compulsive

  • Don’t speak or read a lick of whatever language that blog was written in (German?) but that is the cutest thing EVER. I want one too!

  • It IS adorable, although I don’t think I would have picked all white for camping. Do they not get as dirty in Germany as we do while camping in the USA?!?

  • Chat with my husband next time we are together. You have the same hobby. 🙂 He is always on Craig’s List looking at pop ups.

  • Well if you guys get one, we’re going to have to get one… can’t be the ONLY ones in the small group without a pop-up. HAHA! This is on my dream list as well. I don’t see it happening any time soon though.

  • Paint the outside camoflauge and park it in the front yard. No one will notice it…

  • I wouldn’t pick all white for camping, but I think you can find an attractive color that isn’t white. : ) I am so jealous..I want a pop up so bad but we don’t even have a tent. My peeps won’t camp. Makes me sad. : /

  • I’m so not on board with camping that involves a tent. But, man alive! I’d pay a pretty penny for a mom-cave that looked like that. You’re hired!

  • WOW what a great transfomation on the motohome. So when you get one, I sure hope you share how you make it a mom’s cave! Would love to know how to do that as well. Some things I can do…sewing would be easy, but painting the diswasher or those rv walls?