Three’s Company

Cailey celebrated her 11th birthday last week with a trip to the Magic Kingdom.  She was able to ask one of her best buddies to go with her, as well as her best buddy’s little brother, who happens to be one of Jensen’s best buddies.

If you’re doing the math, this means that we were in charge of 5 children at the happiest place on earth.   The number included two 7 year old boys.  My biggest concern was not coming back with the same number of children that we left with.  All children were grilled with regard to their respective parent’s cell phone number.  Which is awesome if you consider entrusting your precious children to a friend, and then you receive a call from your child alerting you to the fact that he/she is lost IN DISNEY WORLD.

But still.

And for the record, I’m happy to report that we did indeed come home with the same number of passengers that we left with.  Despite the fact that we rode Space Mountain four times.  And by we I mean THEM because one ride was enough to jiggle my wisdom teeth (as if) loose.  Nay.  Once is enough.  And All The Walking made me want to saw off my feet at the end of the day, but who am I to complain.

I learned an interesting fact with regard to shepherding 5 children, instead of the customary 3.  IT WAS EASIER.  I believe the missing key ingredient was ALL THE BICKERING that I usually hear from my own 3 children.  Instead, what I witnessed was this:

My Emme reverted to being a little girl again, and happily held hands and giggled with her sister’s buddy, despite the age difference.  This precious little friend is a gifted peace maker, and Emme adores her.  I must bring her everywhere with us.  Always.

This is precisely why we are to the point that we only camp with a gang.  In this manner we are able to spread the love. This is my The-More-the-Merrier method of parenting.

Which will work just fine as long as I don’t lose anyone…

3 Responses to Three’s Company

  • How wonderful! Theilled to read that no parents received cell phone calls. And what a gift little peacemakers are; blessed, in fact.

  • Last time I took our kids (when they were little of course) and friends. My fear was not to bring the same number of kids home, but to bring the same kids home as I feared that our son would trade off his sister and her friends for boys and I would still have the same number of kids, but the wrong kids! So I had to check both the numbers and the sexes of the kids all day! I love that the girls held hands. How cute.

  • Sweetness. : )

    And a twinge of jealousy that you can just pop over to MK. Sigh…. : )