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It’s never good news when your tongue turns black

On Thursday morning I arose at dark thirty to make my pilgrimage to Wal Mart in an attempt to make certain that we are well stocked for our girls-only camping trip.  In other words, I was out of make-up.  A really good foundational powder is key to a successful camping trip in the heat of October in Florida.  I mean, what with all the humidity, my hair is going to look like I’m wearing a dandelion.  And then there are the HOT FLASHES which I’m guessing will only be heightened because of, well, THE HEAT.  Considering that all of nature will likely turn against me, the least I can do for sense of self preservation is to make certain that I’m not shiny.

I also looked for a battery operated fan, but I’m pretty sure that my friend, Brianna, purchased the last one yesterday, during her pilgrimage to Wal Mart.  I hope she doesn’t mind if I move in to her tent.  I really don’t take up all that much room.

American Heritage Girls camping is what I would call roughing it.  Not like Fort Wilderness camping at Disney.  Nay.  There are no well placed electrical outlets and water hoses in ones campsite.  Now it’s not going so far as to make the scouts hike in armed with a shovel and backpack.  There are bathrooms with running water and showers.  Otherwise I’d be checking into the local Motel 6 and wishing my daughters the best of luck.

AHG encourages families to camp together, but since it’s still FLORIDA HOT, and Jensen should not be subjected to ALL THE HEAT due to his skin issues, he and Fiddledaddy are going to rough it at home in the air conditioning.  With the coffee pot.  A wide screen television.

Anyhoo.  When I woke up at dark thirty to head to Wal Mart, in my morning pre-caffeinated stupor I began to brush my teeth and noticed that my tongue was COMPLETELY BLACK.

I’d eaten nothing.  I’d had no coffee.

Honestly, I jumped.  WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?  I thought, well that’s it.  I’m full on Linda Blair head spinning pea soup spitting possessed.  Very unnerving.

And then in the quiet of the morning as I shopped, I contemplated what horror had befallen me, and wondered if other body parts would soon be turning black and then ultimately falling off.  I hoped I could make it past the camping weekend.  The children would be so disappointed if we missed it due to my untimely demise.

After returning home I showed it off to Fiddledaddy, who generally has an answer for everything.  CALL YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY.

But then I envisioned that telephone conversation and really thought I’d like to avoid it.  “Um, my tongue is black.”  It just could’t be a good sign.

So I did what any self respecting paranoid adult would do.  I googled it.  It seems that the bismuth in Pepto Bismol can turn your tongue black and it’s quite harmless.  And what luck, I’d had the Pepto Bismol pills the night before.  I went on to read that it could take up to 3 days to wear off.

Black?  Really?  Why not bright pink?

Hopefully it will come in useful during the requisite campfire ghost story telling.

I’m going to be off the grid for a few days while I commune with nature.  Please join me in praying for an impromptu cold front.  Because a near naked AHG leader with a black tongue is sure to hinder troop morale.

13 Responses to It’s never good news when your tongue turns black

  • You -with your black tongue- and your daughter -with her purple streaked hair- are going to be quite the pair this weekend. [insert evil little snicker] **note to self: go pack the camera!

  • I’ve been begging Mother Nature for cooler temps for weeks now. She’s really starting to annoy me!

    Have fun roughing it!!

    I’ll be wrangling my own gaggle of girls this weekend….inside my temperature controlled house….but I’ll be thinking of you while I sip my ice tea…..OK, so it’s not really going to be a gaggle of girls….it’s one girl (plus my two). 😉

    Fingers crossed for your cool evenings and cloudy, windy bearable days filled with endless blog fodder!! 🙂

  • Will do. And good luck!!!!

  • Never just an ordinary day for you, is there, my friend?

  • That has happened to me before too! I thought I was dying and nearly brushed off all my taste buds.

  • A good tongue brush will get all the black off and you will be as good as new! Have fun camping!

  • People must think you make these things up….but those of us faithful to your blog know there ain’t no such thing in the house of Fiddle…..

  • Well. I’ve been away for a while due to lack of time for blog reading, but I’ve been dealing with a mystery illness and someone suggested getting tested for Lyme, so I came here to refresh my memory on all things tick-related, and wouldn’t you know? Now I am peeing myself laughing. I promise never to stay away this long again. “What fresh hell is this?” Bahahahaha!

  • Lol…only you! I know of only two people who have the most unlikely things happen to them. You are one of them!

  • Holy moley, Dee Dee we’ve just arrive in Florida for vacation and it is SO HOT; at least 35 degrees hotter than home. We’ve only been here in the spring before and it’s going to be a challenge to ‘do’ the Disney thing… of course, we’re going to do it, but it will be an experience! Glad I’m not camping!

  • I love your writing! Love it! Hair like a dandelion (totally using that one!) and “what fresh hell is this?”. Oh, yes indeedy. I’m so glad to read that your black tongue was just related to indigestion (I’m not sure how that all works together, but whatevs, I trust The Google.). 🙂

  • The first time it happened to me I nearly passed out. But yes, it is a side effect of the Pepto.

  • Ok, my first experience with the 6 inches from hell Florida heat, was to meet the boyfriends family…in June. Needless to say, WV does not experience this heat, lows at night here leaves us with frost already. I experienced a embarrassing makeup meltdown, the family was almost contemplating what he was thinking or if he’s just blind. Please share the brand of Florida proof makeup that will make the cut. Thank you for helping me saving face, literally