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And they called it the streak

Each generation comes up with their own way to feel unique.  To boldly go where no teenager has gone before.  In my day, it was bell bottom pants, hip huggers, platform shoes, and long stringy hair.  None of which were permanent.  But limits were pushed, you can believe that.

My oldest daughter is about to turn 13 in a few short weeks.  She is already celebrating by perfecting her boundary testing and limit pushing.  Today her sister, the town crier, let it be known throughout the kingdom, “MOM, EMME PUT STREAKS IN HER HAIR!”

But did she use a product made for hair?



And indeed, her purple streak ran from the top of her part, all the way down her beautiful light golden chestnut hair.  After a suitable amount of freaking out, since I am entitled, I quizzed her where she would get an idea to put nail polish on her hair.  She stated that one of her girlfriends did it.  I stifled my mother’s own words, spoken to me many many times in my impetuous youth, “Well, if your friend jumped off of a cliff, WOULD YOU FOLLOW HER?”

I never knew anyone who jumped off of a cliff, btw.

I really thought I had exhausted the list of possible danger/stupid scenarios to educate my children.  Things that you never really think need to be verbalized, but nevertheless, you hear them come out of your mouth as your children grow.  A few of my favorites have been (in no particular order):

•  Do NOT lick the electric socket (also insert toilet seat, sidewalk, etc.)

•  Never drink the Draino.

•  Do NOT stick the peas into your nose.

•  Boogers are NOT a good source of protein.

•  Even though it’s red, shiny, and says PULL, don’t do it!

•  Don’t flush your head down the toilet!


And now…

•  Do NOT color your hair with nail polish.

Please feel free to join the party and insert your own (stuff I never thought I’d have to say out loud) in the comments section of this post, so that I know I’m not alone.

(And btw, the nail polish did wash out before it dried.  Disaster averted.  For now.)

15 Responses to And they called it the streak

  • Don’t throw bricks instead of basketballs into the basketball hoop. What goes up must come down and your aim is not that good. 😀

  • I don’t have any sayings coming to mind, BUT if she really wants to express herself thru hair color and you don’t mind she can use Koolaid…my daughters have done everything from streaks to their entire head of hair. 2 things, it washes out after several washings and it’s cheap! 2 of my favorite things where kids are concerned (not permanent and price!) So far we have averted anything other than hair getting stained but that is one possible negative but the girls have been very good to use old, ratty towels. If you google it you will find lots of “help.” Just a thought.

  • Kleenex does NOT go in your ear.

  • Here’s one that is good for all occasions that I have used…

    WHAT were you THINKING???

  • We’ve given up on the sibling abuse rules, AKA do not KICK, PINCH, LICK, HIT, PUNCH, BITE, WHACK, JAB, POKE, SMACK, TRIP, DUNK, yadda yadda yadda…

    Because for every one we add, another one pops up, whack-a-mole style…

    So now we’re praying the over-arching Golden Rule somehow gets through…

  • Do not squirt handsoap down the heat vent (especially the good Bath and Body stuff!).

    No roaring at the table. You may roar outside or quietly in your bedroom.

    And this week I had my first experience with a foreign object up the nose so now add, “Do not stick anything up your nose” to the list.

  • My daughter is in that same “I want to color my hair” stage, only she figured out how to look up “how to videos” on youtube (before I blocked it) However if your girl wants to experiment and not have it be permanent she can do food coloring. It is not permanent and washes right out. (I think your girl is blonde so it might take two washes) but it comes out. i have heard of the koolaid thing too but not a fan of that it tends to stain on blonde hair. Also chalk as well does a fine job mixed with some water I think and runs out. I am trying to work with my daughter on experimenting a little so she doesn’t go hog wild when she goes out on her own someday, but the conservative in me cringes. lol We have agreed to a couple streaks here and there under MOM”S supervision and that seems to keep her happy for now. 😉 Also when she is asleep check out you tube videos yourself for cheap and WASHABLE ideas for her hair. lol They even show you step by step.

  • My all time favorite has to have been,

    “Your sisters Barbie doll is NOT a gun” I should also add that the doll in question was naked and being aimed at his younger sister, because “she was talking to me”

  • – Do NOT take your snack into the bathroom and put it on the toilet top while you go.

    – Do not chew on the pew in front of you at church.

    – Do not chew on that cord! (earphone cable, electrical cable for DVD player, etc.)

    – You have a PLATE. When you are NOT EATING the food, PLEASE DO NOT put it on the restaurant table–put it on the PLATE! (all 3 of my kids have done/still do this–it baffles me).

    – Do not blow your nose on your shirt/my shirt.

    – Do not hide your sisters favorite pen in your underwear.

    Oh, there are so many more….

  • Do not sell your sister..
    Do not give your sister away…
    Do not rent your sister for the week…
    Do no put your sister in the clothes dryer…
    Do not tell people that your sister is on loan from the bank.
    Yes we ARE keeping your sister!

  • Do not color your hair with sharpie.

    Do not color your hair with Mr. Sketch Scented Markers.

    …just a heads up.

  • Don’t hate, but I’ve been blessed with extremely good daughters. It has nothing to do with me, it’s only by the grace of God. I don’t remember having to say many of those things.
    Another heads up…I was recently talking with a middle school teacher (I’ll stick with my PreK class THANK YOU VERY MUCH) and apparently the thing to do in class is to put streaks in your hair using highlighter pens. I have no idea if it washes out or not. My girls have asked if they could color their hair or put streaks in. My answer is always, sure…when you start to have gray hairs. That’s when I started coloring MY hair.

  • My girls are streaking their hair with pastel chalks. It’s cheap, easy and WASHES OUT in the shower!

  • Do NOT lick your shoe! Do NOT lick the dog! For the love of all that’s good and right, do NOT lick me!

  • Don’t put the hammer in the toilet. That was a fun one.