I miss Jack

Thank you all so much for your television viewing recommendations.  My dance card will be quite full as I decide upon my lineup for the Fall.  🙂

But all this talk of great television made me miss one particular man very much.

My bloggy friend of many years, Amy, alerted me as to what he’s been up to.  Click here to see for yourself.  And furthermore, she informed me that filming for the 24 MOVIE will begin next summer.  My joy knows no bounds.

Saddle up.

4 Responses to I miss Jack

  • I miss Jack, too! We NEED him.

  • I totally agree with Dawn. I’ve said many times… I wish Jack Bauer were real!! (What? He’s NOT real??)

  • Dee, you know he’s starring in Touch, right? The last season — especially the first and last episodes — were amazing. Second season starts in October!

  • Yes!!! So glad to hear they are still going to make a 24 movie! I too miss Jack. A lot. Of course, I also miss Sidney Bristow. I just can’t get used to Jack (he will ALWAYS be Jack Bauer) in Touch. We like the show and will continue to watch, but in one of the first episodes he needs to climb a tall ladder to reach his son and hangs on a rung in terror. That is NOT Jack Bauer! He fears nothing.