Murphy’s Law of Appliances

There’s a revolt afoot in my kitchen, and this time I’m not leading the march.  As you might recall, my appliance issues began earlier this year when the knob broke off of my dryer.  It was replaced, but eventually that knob broke off, and the issues were clearly deeper than the knob.  The only way I can now turn the dryer on is by attaching a wrench to the stub, supporting myself with one foot on the wall, and performing a gymnastics move which may or may not include turning myself upside-down.

I so enjoy laundry day now.

In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that my once whisper quiet dishwasher sounds like a 747 taking off from the kitchen when I turn it on at night.  That’s just never a good sign.  And then last night it began putting off an aroma that I can only describe as toxic death.  It smelled like a mix of tires and cheap tupperware burning (but there were no tires OR tupperware present).  We finally agreed that it was likely the motor committing suicide, and we flung open the windows and doors to air the house out.

Which worked fabulously since it was a cool 115 degrees last night.  Between the hot flashes and the fumes I began reworking my will.

First thing Monday morning Fiddledaddy headed to Lowes to scout out a new dishwasher.  He can be trusted with this task because I set my dishwasher expectations low.  All that I ask is that when I punch the button, it works.  Oh.  And I don’t want the silver ware tray to be on the door.  And I prefer white.  And lots of room on the top rack for my extra large coffee mug.  But other than that, I’m easy.

He phoned from the store and we had a conference call regarding which model to purchase, finally selecting one that was just slightly more expensive but should last longer than the 5 years attributed to the last model.  And then he dropped the bomb shell.  “And I’m going to install it myself.”

Visions of flood waters and electrocution danced in my head.  I attempted to sway his opinion, but decided to let this one go.  I prefer to pick my battles.

When he arrived home he informed me that the new dishwasher would not arrive for another 7 days.  Or so.  But that he wanted to remove the old offending dishwasher what with the stench and hazardous conditions posed.  Thusly leaving me with a gaping hole in the kitchen.  Ninety minutes later the cuss jar was filled to capacity.  And the dishwasher was still secure in its original spot.

Cailey, ever the alarmist, posted a warning on the old dishwasher.

And so this evening while washing the dishes THE OLD FASHIONED WAY, Cailey came sprinting to report that water was flooding underneath the sink.  (This cannot be blamed on Fiddledaddy because we noticed water damage prior to his attempt to extricate the dishwasher.)  It’s a bad bad situation under that sink.  And we cannot figure out the source of the leak.

There are three inevitabilities in my immediate future.

1)  A real plumber will be dispatched asap.
2)  Our carbon footprint is about to double as we contribute to the local land fill what with all the paper plates and all.
3)  I will be keeping the Extra Strength Excedrin closer than usual.

7 Responses to Murphy’s Law of Appliances

  • I feel your pain. We had one year when the kitchen went on strike. Over the course of 1 year, the following appliances all died: microwave, fridge, dishwasher, stove, washer, dryer, all 3 hair dryers in the house, curling irons (all 3 of them), up right freezer, the hood over the stove and to top it off both my mother and father in law died the same year. There was not enoug excedrin anywhere to help us that year! I just kept repeating “This too shall pass, this too shall pass.” It did.

  • Oh my!! I also feel for you. Our dishwasher died over a year ago. It is still installed in the kitchen, but we never open it. We’ve been doing dishes “the old fashioned way” ever since. However, we do have our nights that we use paper plates. I look forward to those nights. LOL…

    We never had a dishwasher growing up. My 2 sisters and I had to wash the dishes. That was one of our chores. I also can’t recall us using paper plates very often back then. Not long ago my Mom and I were cooking/cleaning and she said, “We’re just using paper plates tonight; I don’t feel like doing a lot of dishes.” I asked” Why didn’t we do that growing up when we didn’t have a dishwasher?” She responded, “Because I had 3 dishwashers.” 😉

  • Yes…had the same thing happen to us. Probably if you keep a plastic bucket under the leak it will be OK. My husband and I do most of our home repairs – EXCEPT for plumbing. There is, well, no room for error. And you need to have the right tools. I did not use my dishwasher for 3 days thinking it would be a piece of cake (we are 4, but my married daughter and her 2 kids are here alot!). It drove me crazy. I was trying to conserve on our well water. Found out that you use less water using the dishwasher (only 4-5 gallons). So my dishwasher is back in action. And, it is frugal too – how about that! Well, at least in the water usage department.
    Here’s hoping my 14 year old son goes into the plumping and heating business – now that would be handy!

  • Oh good grief – PLUMBING, Not “Plumping” lol

  • I am so sorry. It seems that my large appliances always break at holidays (the broken dishwasher for Passover was the worst). We just replaced our broken washing machine (the day before Rosh Hashanah). I insisted on having it installed because of the time crunch (that was my excuse) and when the installer told my husband that it was easy to install I screamed “don’t tell him that!” It was not one of my finer moments, or maybe it was.

  • Your dishwasher and my dishwasher must have had a conversation because, well… it sounds like a lear jet about to take off. And it’s only 2 years old! I feel your pain. My vote is to keep the Excedrin AND the cuss jar nice and close in the coming days (and hopefully NOT weeks)!

  • If you have one of those faucets that pull out from the base, check the hose. We just had a leak that we couldn’t figure out. It was the hose that attaches to the faucet. My husband (who by his own admission is not handy) fixed it. Life is good again without water pouring out from under the sink!