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Mars v. Venus

Jensen to Cailey:  “What’s it like being a girl?  Is it really horrible?”

I hear an audible but weary sigh from the 10 year old sister, right before she launches her verbal attack.  She is relentless as she makes most any point.  And she should be, because of all the practice she racks up arguing with any available brick wall, and all.

When she finally stops to take a breath, the younger brother enters the fray with his general observations on which gender is better, boys or girls.

Like a tennis match, the volley is hit hard between opponents.

Finally, in a vain attempt to get in the last word, Jensen blurts out, “Well, BOYS ARE MORE INTELLIGENT.”

Expressionless, Cailey responds,  “You do not even know what the word intelligent means.”

Jensen:  “Yeah, well I can still USE it.”

And so it goes.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone.

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