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by Fiddledeedee on September 12, 2012

It just occurred to me that I planned on posting my annual Curriculum Round-up.  In July.  It is now September, if you’re keeping track.  This should give you an idea of how our school year is progressing. (I hope to rectify this, and post my Curriculum Round-up before Christmas break.)  :)

In my defense, I threw caution to the wind, and after saying NO THAT’S NO FOR US, I enrolled Emme into Classical Conversations.  Since she’s in the 7th grade, it is a drop off program once a week.  After her first shell shocked week, we finally have settled into a routine with regards to the work demands of this curriculum.  Which includes Latin.  “Dear God, why didn’t I pay more attention in mass as a Catholic?”  So things have been a little topsy turvy in the homeschooling department.

One thing that I hope will help, is that I just ordered an extensive key to first year Henle Latin.  It’s sort of like Latin for Dummies, in that I couldn’t make heads or tails of the key that actually comes with the Henle Latin.  This spells it out for me.  Which is the next best thing to someone holding my head while I puke whenever I think of declensions.

One thing that is going well, with regards to homeschool, is that I found an online planning program that is made ONLY for Mac users, called OLLY (Organized Life and Learning Yearbook).  What makes this program different from others that I looked at after our annual homeschool convention, is that there is a one time license key fee of $39.95.  There are other online planners out there, but they come with a yearly fee.  Since I use OLLY, I keep all of the records (backing up to Dropbox) and never have to fear an outside source losing anything.  (And thanks to Dropbox, which is FREE, a certain budding author in my family shouldn’t fear her mother deleting her ENTIRE LIFES WORK…again.)

Over our brief summer break, I was able to take my time entering each course and lesson plan for my children.  When our school year began, I was able to assign a lesson each day to each child and then print it out for both their benefit and mine.  I assign weekly, since I tend to fly by the seat of my control top pantyhose.  But you could assign weeks, months, or even a year at a time.  And the beauty of the system is that you can bump the assignments should something be missed.

Some of the features that I love about OLLY:

•  Keeps track of attendance
•  Records grades
•  Journal entries for field trips
•  Photos can be uploaded for yearbook
•  Keeps track of all resources
•  Lesson plans can be reused yearly for younger siblings
•  Lesson assignments can be printed out
•  Completed lesson plans can be tracked

There are more features that I’ve not even explored yet, but these are the ones that I’m currently using.

There is also a great how to page that explains in detail (and many with a tutorial) how to use all of the different functions of the program.  OLLY also offers a free 30 day full featured trial so you can check it out.  If you decide to buy the program, your work entered during the trial will not be lost.

This is the lesson plan that I created for Cailey’s Language Arts

A Giveaway!

I have the privilege of being able to give away a free license key (valued at $39.99) so that one lucky winner can have full access to the OLLY program.  All you have to do is head over to the OLLY website and tell me which function of the program would help you to feel organized while homeschooling?

The Rules:

•  You pretty much need a Mac.
•  You must answer the prompt given.
•  No duplicate comments/ one entry per person.
•  This giveaway is open internationally, age 18 or over.
•  Winners will be selected via random draw, and will notified by e-mail.
•  You have 48 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

I will keep comments open until Sunday, September 16th at 9:00 PM, EST.

Disclosure:  I was given an OLLY license key for the purposes of this review after I contacted THEM to tell them how much I loved their product.  The honest opinion expressed in this review is my very own.

Update:  My winner was #8, Nan.  Congratulations!!!


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