Pretty in Camo

Just when I’d sworn off adding any more reality television to my viewing schedule (there’s none right now, but I’m greatly anticipating Survivor:Philippines), Fiddledaddy got me hooked on Stars Earn Stripes.  When he first pitched the premise to me I scoffed.  It sounded idiotic.  But then he tuned into the first episode and the couch looked oh so much more comfy than my usual spot perched on my office chair while working after the children were blissfully out of our misery.  So I thought I’d just cozy up on the couch and mock his viewing selection.

But darned if I wasn’t drawn into the episode within the first 15 minutes.  The premise is that 8 celebrities are paired with special operatives who are real life heroes as part of the armed services, Navy Seals, Green Berets, first responders, and what-have-you.  As teams they compete for stripes which earn them $10,000 each stripe to be donated on behalf of a military, veteran, or first-responder charity.

The hosts are retired General Wesley Clark and Samantha Harris, who has a waist circumference the size of my ankle.  But I’m not bitter.

What I am enjoying most about the show is the camaraderie between the players, who even though they are competing against one another, could not be more supportive.  I also love the homage payed to the men and women who put themselves in harms way to protect the freedoms that we Americans enjoy every single day.

Fiddledaddy is all about the helicopters, guns, and massive explosions.  I think he also enjoys contestant Eve Torres, a WWE Divas Champion.  But he has the good sense remain quiet about it.

Because of the subject matter and all the patriotism, we let the offspring watch.  There are something like NO reality television shows that we feel comfortable letting the children watch.  Save for 19 Kids and Counting, but since we jettisoned our cable, they could be up 24 Kids and Counting and we’d have no idea.

Emme was discussing how cool she though the show was at breakfast this morning.  She casually mentioned that she has thought that she would like to join the military when she graduates from high school.  The over protective mother in me choked ever so slightly on my turkey bacon, “Um, why don’t you become a DOCTOR, that would be safer.”

Without missing a beat she replied, “It wouldn’t be safer for my patients.”

That is one nut that fell awfully close to the tree trunk.

Tonight when I was tucking her in, she brought up the subject again, asking me if I would really be upset if she were in the military.  I told her that I would support her decision, worry just a LOT little, and be awfully proud of her.

I did not see this one coming.

9 Responses to Pretty in Camo

  • I’m still snickering about the kids being “out of our misery”. Oh, how I loved that!

    That Emme keeps is going to keep you on your toes right up until she flies the coop. And, from the sounds of things, long after, too. May the force be with you, dear.

  • I don’t know how old your daughter is but chances are she will change her mind before the time comes. If not I’m sure you will be the supportive mom no matter how hard it is.

  • Be proud, and deal with it as it comes. This character is what we strive for in our children…

  • Your daughter may change her mind several time between now and the end of high school. If not, then hold your head high and pray a lot!

    • Knowing my girl, you’re absolutely right! Just 4 short years ago she wanted to be Barbie. 🙂

  • “out of our misery” best line ever…

  • I have two children who are interested in joining the military~the Marines:) And while it is still several years off for one of them, the other is only 2.5 years away from that. Yikes…BUT I would be SO proud!!

  • I love our military and started watching Stars Earn Stripes because of that. I love how they have this showing how tough these military heros are and are raising money for charity! Well done!
    I will continue to watch!
    Thanks for your daily writing! Makes me feel not alone in the craziness of three children!

  • Love the show!

    J’s best friend joined the Army out of high school (more like forced into it by his folks for some rapid ‘growing up’ time), and though he hated it, and is a-feared of being deployed at the moment, is starting to love it.

    I see the wheels turning in the back of J’s mind now, and know he wavers between Univ and this.

    Meanwhile, I am working on the ‘being proud and ok’ with things if he does go.

    It terrifies me, what with all the budget cuts to our defense and all… not to mention I have a wee problem with the current Commander in Chief.

    We shall see.

    Univ move in is three weeks and counting.