Survivor: Philippines

As a long time fan of the show Survivor, I’ve often said that I would be voted off within the first 30 minutes on the island.  If I even survived the boat ride.  I watched the first season and many thereafter, but have to admit that I’ve not tuned in over the last several seasons.  I think that Russell sort of ruined me for Survivor, what with all the shoes I flung at the television whenever he flashed his beady eyes on the screen.

But I can tell you for certain that I will be parked in front of the tube on September 19th, watching the premiere of Survivor: Philippines, because of one player.  Lisa Whelchel Cauble (actress and author) has just announced that she is/was one of the contestants.

Fiddledaddy and I have known Lisa and her family for many many years.  I first met Lisa when she was pregnant with her youngest child.  Fiddledaddy goes back even farther, and was in their wedding.  I love these people.  I lay much of the blame of my decision to home school on Lisa, because of her encouragement and excellent mentoring.  The best advice she ever gave me was to relax and not stress out about everything, because the stress will be all that the children will remember.

I wish I could say that I have diligently followed that sage advice.  My children would tell you otherwise.

Anyhoo.  Many Sunday evenings were spent at their house, and after the children were safely tucked into bed, the adults would be glued to American Gladiators.  So I guess I can also blame my early love of reality television on her as well.

I think she will do FANTASTIC and I am so stinking proud of her for having the courage to do this.  I cannot wait for the season premiere.

If you’re a Survivor fan, who has been your favorite player so far Mine would be Boston Rob.

11 Responses to Survivor: Philippines

  • How cool is that 🙂 Go Lisa!

  • Colby, the first time he was on. Duh.

    But good luck to Lisa!

  • I haven’t watched since the first season Rupert was on it. MANY, MANY moons ago. But, the second I heard Lisa was going to be on I KNEW I was going to watch. 🙂 I met her one time at a Mom and Me Getaway. It was such a blessed weekend, and she was so sweet. I’m rooting for her. 🙂

  • Boston Rob. No contest.

  • I’m a Rupert fan. But Lisa will win with me from now on. Go Lisa!

  • I think I found your blog through hers several years ago. I’ve always been a fan of hers and Facts of Life was one of my favorite shows as a kid.

    I used to watch Survivor. I probably stopped watching it 5 years ago or so. Rupert was my favorite contestant, but the Australia season was my favorite season (Colby…hello!).

    Boston Rob? He drove me nuts!

  • I loved Boston Rob too. I am excited to see how Lisa did and have tuned out the past few seasons too. I’m back in now and she is a local girl too so I HAVE to watch and cheer her on!

  • I haven’t watched since the first season, but I may have to now!

  • Boston Rob became my favorite when he wore his heart on his sleeve falling in love with Amber. I was soooo cheering him on when he finally won!

    I have never met Lisa but have been a fan since Facts of Life. I always respected her refusal to do the sex storyline. I stuck out Survivor last year because Monica Culpepper (wife of former Buc favorite Brad Culpepper) was on. I wasn’t going to watch anymore but will have to now that Lisa will be on. It would be great if she won!

  • This Yankee is a fan of Boston Rob! Of course, now that I’ve lived in “Hotlanta” for almost ten years, I need subtitles to understand what he’s saying. What an accent!

  • Boston Rob was fun. But, my vote would be for Ethan Zohn.

    Go Lisa!!! Finally, someone who will be wearing more than half a bandaid on their body to represent for the ladies above 30!