A Game of Twister

I wish I could say that we’ve gotten a handle on Emme’s Classical Conversation homework, but that would be a bold face lie.  Yet I’m happy to report that no one has died needlessly, is in therapy, or has threatened serious bodily harm.

But I have spent a good deal more time locked away in the closet than usual.  Not unlike Maxwell Smart, I’ve attempted to put as many closed doors between me and my stubborn first born as possible.  Until I end up in the inner sanctum of my closet.

The crying room.

Honestly, it’s been like dragging her through thigh high mud to get her to buckle down and do the work.  Much like her mother, when overwhelmed, she checks out.  However, we are making small strides.  And again, no one has died.  I pray that our second week will go more smoothly.

Because we’ve had such a difficult week, I was especially looking forward to heading to the park.  This is a wonderful time of socialization for home schooling mothers.  And a time to be able to set the children free to assault all of nature, while still being able to keep a wary eye on the youngest of the group.

The threat of rain was ever present, but unless thunder and lightning enter the fray, we ain’t skeert.  We hadn’t been there all that long and I was happily engrossed in adult conversation, when I heard one of the children come running over, “Look!  A tornado!”  I got up and peeked out of the pavilion across the field and into the sky.  I saw a cloud, indeed dipping down, but noted no rotation.

I deemed everything to be okay, but the little ones were screaming and All The Freaking Out was beginning to wear on our already thread bare nerves.  I began to watch our little cloud and noticed that it was dipping lower and forming a tail.

Well.  I thought to myself.  That’s not cloud like at all.  About then lightning began to strike all around the FUNNEL cloud, and at every point adjacent to our little metal-roofed pavilion.  I yelled for my children to head to the car.  And at about this time, my SIL and I looked up to see two of her boys up on TOP of the metal-roofed building across from us.  That was new.  (I blame their new gymnastics classes.)

More panic and scrambling, while calling children from all corners of the park.  Jensen and I made haste towards the car, turning our impromptu weather lesson into PE, by an inspired 400 yard dash.

The beauty of this park is that the actual parking lot is quite a distance from the playground.  And at the same time, the resentment I hold towards this park is that the actual parking lot is quite a distance from the playground.  Quite a feat when I was bound into a brace and crutches.  But today, I’m happy to report, I had a good giddy-up still left in my saddle.

I made it to the car and turned around to see my daughters shuffling along, not wanting the fun to end.  Making me have to yell at them in public.  Which only serves to bolster the idea that home school moms are crazy.  As we have no fear of yelling at out children in public.  Or maybe that’s just me.

Rock on.

We made it out alive, after hearing the tornado warning sound at the local high school.  And for the record, even though I’m a Texas girl, this was my first real tornado sighting.  My friend Jules (from Kansas, tornado central) noted “DeeDee!  You’re a storm chaser!”  I replied, “Except that I was running in the opposite direction.  Screaming.”

And interestingly, this tornado activity was located about a mile or so from our house.

Frankly, it was a fitting ending to a rather tumultuous week.  Have a happy and safe weekend, everyone!

12 Responses to A Game of Twister

  • Reed Timmer’s got nuthin’ on you, Girl!

  • Yikes woman! The week you’ve had – this calls for either Chocovine or to crack open the Oreos.

    The child not wanting to do anything? That is the age and it will pass. How long is entirely up for grabs as it depends on the child and how hard you can kick. I can neither confirm or deny that I tied a kid to a chair to get his work done after all the feet dragging that was going on. I can report that dude just sat and spun around in the chair rather than get his work done. He’s outgrown that and gets his work done now. And the eye twitch was getting better until I realized that youngest son is at that age and already showing the same signs of major feet dragging.

  • Oh my! Glad you are all okay. Talk about a hands on science lesson!! 🙂

  • Now that would skeer me! I have an unhealthy fear of severe weather. Thankful no one was hurt!

    I would encourage you to stick with Challenge A. It is overwhelming, but it gets better and I believe it is so worth the fight! Being accountable for SO much work on a weekly basis can be quite a shock to the system, but keep at it. And remember, you are her teacher! I have had many friends who opted out of various aspects of each seminar. For instance, with the countries and capitals, my one friend only required her daughter to learn the countries. Another friend encouraged her daughter to practice drawing the maps but didn’t require her to label every country.

    My son starts Challenge II on Monday. I will approach it with much prayer!

  • Wow! Glad the Fiddle Family is all well!

    What is your little Latin scholar’s currency? Is she motivated by extra computer time, extra chores, extra cash? We cannot be above bribery for work and attitude. 🙂 And now you know why I am not a homeschooling mom.

  • I also am from KS originally and didn’t see a tornado “live” until last summer when we were visiting my family in KS. My kids had quite a tale to tell when they got back to school and their teachers kept stopping by my office to ask if their journal entries were really true. 🙂
    Glad everyone is safe. Hang in there!

  • It cracks me up that despite all the freaking out you still had the presence of mind to TAKE A PICTURE! Ahh… a true blogger to the core!!!

  • Love the picture! A real blogger would stop to take the photo before running for her life with her kids! You go girl and I’m glad you are OK.

  • HOW EXCITING!! One day when the kids are grown and i haven’t the fear of leaving little ones to grow up without their mom, I am going to Tornado Alley and storm chasing!!!

  • “Jensen and I made haste towards the car, turning our impromptu weather lesson into PE, by an inspired 400 yard dash.”

    I love the way home school moms are able to adapt. Weather turns into gym class. Cooking into a math and science class.

  • We had melt-downs every day but two this week, and he STILL doesn’t have “Little Britches” read for class. I told him if he doesn’t have it read by the time he gets to class tomorrow, no computer or friends for a week. And I haven’t seen a decent essay yet, either.

  • Rock on, indeed! Seriously? If you had didn’t have giddy-up in your step then, you certainly would at that moment! You shore do know how to live adventurously!