Home Salon

Emme is nursing her sprained foot with exuberance.  It has been odd to hear the clunk clunk clunk of my crutches as they move about the house once more.  But at least I know where she is at all times, either by the crashing family heirlooms or the screech of a hapless sibling.  As she’s learned, crutches are handy weaponry.

We’ve been reluctant to set her free in the shower, so we had to come up with a plan to keep at least her hair clean.  My plan included a hose and the backyard.  The following was Fiddledaddy’s answer.

I like my idea better.

But this was the cleanest her hair has been in the 5 years since she’s been washing it on her own.  And I got my counter cleaned in the deal.

8 Responses to Home Salon

  • When I was a little girl, I had many, many surgeries, and I often couldn’t get in the shower for several lengths of time. This is exactly how my mom washed my hair. Seeing Emme there brings back fond memories of my mom cradling my head in one hand while she scrubbed with the other. 🙂

  • Love it! reminds me of the days when I was dealing with a broken femur…(shudders)

  • Same way my mom did mine!

  • I had a cast on my left leg for 9 months and this is how my mom did my hair.

  • And I thought my 11-year-old was the only one who can’t seem to master washing her own hair. Granted the child has masses of thick, curly hair, an incredibly sensitive scalp, and hard-hitting, puberty-induced oil production. But you’d think she could handle lather, rinse, repeat by now. Periodically I haul her to the sink, too, and scrub her head mercilessly, but I make her lean over it, no counter-laying spa treatment here 🙂

  • A clean counter and a Tweens hair actually clean? That’s just brilliant- on all counts. Sorry, but Fiddledaddy gets my core here…

  • Love it! I remember when I was in Jr. High….many moons ago, a friend had a body cast that is how her mother would wash her hair.

  • My 2 year old has a cast on her arm, so we’re doing the same kind of thing here. If we could manage to keep her food out of her hair, we might be able to put it off a few nights at a stretch, but eating with her left hand has been making things more challenging than usual.