My brush with the Olympics

I’ve been nose to television tubes nearly all weekend watching the Olympics.  I’ve single-handedly murdered more than my share of trees, what with all the tissues I’ve burned through for the eye dabbing and nose blowing.  I cried during the opening ceremonies, I’ve cried through the commercials, the back stories have brought me to my knees, and I cry every time I hear our National Anthem.

And we’re only two days into the whole spectacle.

I’ve had two near brushes with Olympic greatness in my lifetime.  One time was in the 1980’s when I was making an appearance as the year’s California Cooler Poster girl (oh, I am full of surprises and no, I do not have a copy) at a convention.  Greg Louganis, the Olympic diver who won gold at the 1984 and 1988 games, was signing posters a few aisles over, where are the really important poster people were.  He autographed a poster for me, and he couldn’t have been more gracious.  I still have that poster.

My second brush with Olympic greatness occurred when I just happened to be at the right place in Burbank as the Olympic torch was being carried by a local newscaster while running down the middle of Alameda.  I cried then too.

The girl children who live in my home are glued to the television with me, although they have yet to shed a tear.  Probably because their hormones, while active enough, are not playing fast and loose with their sanity.  As pre-menopause is wont to do.

In keeping with the spirit of the Olympics, the oldest girl child attempted a double axle on the boardwalk at the beach today, quite by accident, and earned herself a trip to the ER.  While her ankle is not broken, she has a sprain with some nerve damage.  Her parting gift from the hospital was an attractive little black boot.  After a little rest, some ice, and a good deal of melodrama, she’ll be good as new.

Although since she shares my DNA, she’ll likely milk it far into the Fall.

In our house, we’re partial to swimming, diving, volleyball (beach and indoor), and gymnastics.  What has been your favorite event?

7 Responses to My brush with the Olympics

  • I got to sing “Reach Out and Touch Somebody’s Hand” at the 84 Olympics- because I went to LA VAlley College and, well, whatever. I literally still have the t-shirt ☺ However, after practicing it ad masuam leading up to the Opening Ceremonies in rehearsal, and with Diana Ross, I now have such a twinge whenever it comes on the radio. Or the elevator. Or just plays in my head, like it has started to now oh my foo dne sss

  • Impressive on the double axle ER visit. Your family has some mad skillz!

    I’m partial to Voleyball as I played all thru HS and college. Swimming and Diving (growing up next the Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft. Lauderdale will do that to ya.) And gymnastics, simply because I’m a glutton for puniahment and seem to crave the sweaty palms I get every time they are on the balance beam and parallel bars.

  • We’re not making a huge point to watch everything, but if we sit down by the tv, the Olympics come on. Which means I’ve seen water polo, ping pong, swimming, synchronized diving, and some gymnastics. Oh, and some soccer and bicycle races maybe? Gymnastics is the biggest hit here with the girls (9 & 7), who had just watched the American Girl gymnastics movie. There are now a lot of cartwheels happening in my living room.

  • I love watching it all, but yesterday we were late for church because my husband had to watch the end of the skeet shooting.
    Hope your little one is up and around soon!

  • The stories about the moms are getting me. Love it all except the waterpolo is scaring me. I would drown if Helga the horrible was standing on my shoulders like that.

  • I caught my oldest trying out her breaststroke in the pool today. I’m sure the Olympics is the only place she’s seen it done.

  • Dee, remembering both this post and the previous one about reluctant readers, thought I’d pass along this book review about a book by an Olympic medalist who’s also a believer. Thought your girls would enjoy it!