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Battling Book Worms

We found a new book series for our tweens.  The only drawback has been the carnage that it’s caused.

As you know, we’re big Disney World fanatics.  Fiddledaddy learned that there was a book series written, called the Kingdom Keepers.  The high tech story line follows a group of teens who are tapped as models for theme park “guides” but find themselves battling Disney villains who threaten both the future of Walt Disney World and the world outside.  It speaks to every child who has ever wondered what it would be like to sneak into WDW after hours, and what really goes on there after dark.

To date, there are 5 books in the series.  I was able to procure the first book of the series from our library.  I found both girls battling over who would get to read it first.  Please note that these are two very different children who only share DNA in common.  Yet they were both enamored with this story line.

After a good deal of tug of war and hours individually locked away in a bathroom, they both were able to finish at roughly the same time.  Right about the moment that the 2nd installment became available at our library.  I suspect this was only possible because I caught the oldest child up reading IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

As I was checking out our stack of books, there was a daughter stationed on either side of me.  As soon as the librarian began to hand Kingdom Keepers – Disney at Dawn (book 2) to me, both girls DOVE across the counter to be the first to touch it.  They may have frightened the gentle librarian.

In their feeble grasp of reality, whoever touches the book first lays claim to it.

I quickly dismantled this notion.

I was in fear that they were nearing fisticuffs right there at the circulation desk.  If we didn’t get permanently kicked out of the library after Jensen’s public nudity episode some years back, I was certain that this incident would be the catalyst to the revoking of our library card.

Somehow I managed to get all the children out to the van with only minor bloodshed.  Uncharacteristically, Jensen stayed out of the fray as he hung onto a beloved Henry & Mudge book.  No one is willing to fight him for Henry & Mudge.

After two days of non-stop bickering and argument, Fiddledaddy finally put his size 10 foot down.  He declared that Emme could have the book during even hours of the day, and Cailey would have it during the odd.

They both wear watches now and have a firm grasp on the time at any given hour of the day.

In an effort to ward off further strife, I’ve ordered the e-book version of the 2nd book from the library.  I’m on hold for it.  For an e-book.  I don’t understand that.  But whatever.

I have hidden books 3 & 4 and will figure out how to dispense them when the time comes.  We are something like #17 in line for book 5.  So that argument may take care of itself.

Two siblings fighting over A BOOK.  TO READ.  I suppose I could have worse issues.  Like the ones that this college English professor sees every day.

9 Responses to Battling Book Worms

  • I, too, just ran into the “on hold for an e-book” scenario. It was quite baffling. But then I read on an author’s website that a library can have only so many electronic copies of a book (I don’t know the details). So it eventually made sense.

  • I think ebooks have to be treated like physical books by libraries – they can only be borrowed by one customer at a time. (Sort of like how if you have a lending-enabled kindle book and loan it to a friend, it isn’t accessible on YOUR device until their loan expires or they “return” it early.)

    If they’re lending-enabled, try lendle.me – they have the first four books listed, only one or two copies of each but of those users are still involved it might get you a second copy if the exercise in sharing gets old. (Requests are sent out as soon as you request the book, but may not be fulfilled immediately/at all with only one or two copies available. But lends only last 14 days, at least across the kindle platform, so the timing could be tricky.) You can also try http://ebookfling.com , connecting people to lend via both kindle and nook. Most lending sites give you a few starter lends and then you earn more as you loan your own titles/otherwise engage the site. (I’ve done ok on lendle by writing reviews, etc even though most titles I own aren’t lending-enabled unless they were free/deep discount purchases, ironically.) There’s also http://booklending.com . 🙂 I can’t use lendle as much as I’d like since my tastes don’t match up well with lending-enabled, but they seem to have a lot of fiction publishers covered and I’ve found and read some books/authors I wouldn’t have purchased and tried otherwise.

    I’ll have to mention the series to my sister for my oldest niece, or just find her a copy of the first book. She’s never been to Disney world but that girl loved her princesses when she was little…

  • Geesh, I just looked into them and I think I want to read the series! And I have no one to fight them for. Wait. That makes me sad …. Anyways.

    Off to reserve the e-copy at the library.

  • I read the first one a VERY long time ago. So long ago that I need to reread it. I think my kids would love them too… I’ll have to check out the Kindle versions. Both of mine have the Kindle app on their iPods. I am all for anything that gets them to read. Right now, my youngest is supposed to be reading Hatchet for summer reading before school starts; I have to withhold everything to get him to read it… it just isn’t drawing him in. I think these would.

  • I learn so much stopping by here….from you and your commenters! 😉 I think I need to read these first. (wink, wink)

    My 13 yr old and I were doing the “who gets to read it first” dance with The 39 Clues books. I have a later bedtime so ultimately I got ahead! heeheehee

    Even my 11 yr old is finally reading!! She’s always read, because she had to….NOW she’s reading because she wants too!! Just last night, at MIDNIGHT, I had to force the child to put away her flashlight and book (Mandie series) and go to sleep!! Secretly, I LOVED it! 😉

    Thanks for the tip on more books!

  • What a fantastic problem to have! I wrote down the name of this series about a year ago when one of the books was reviewed in a magazine. I’m hoping Sweetboy will be into them in another year or two?

    Reading that WSJ Opinion piece had me in stitches. “… stream of unconsciousness.”, indeed!

  • Just read the article you linked to….it’s funny and sad at the same time!

  • I’ll be “pinning” this suggestion so I don’t forget (right after I access the library system and put them on hold!)! Obtained the Dreamhouse Kings series that you mentioned a few weeks ago. Miles lay prone on the couch for a couple hours yesterday with his nose buried in the first book. He won’t read it right before bed though. 😉 I think I’ll be starting the series myself when he’s done (currently have my nose buried in Larkspur Cove by Lisa Wingate – I love her books!). Instead, in the evening he’s boning up on duck care as he plans to own 5 or so when we move back to our house next week (dishwasher fire construction repairs coming to an end and we move back soon. Hallelujah and amen!).

  • Just put a hold on the first book for my son. He JUST started getting into reading. This could really work for him! Thanks for the great suggestion.