This is a sign posted in the creek just down the street from our house.  I say creek, but that would imply actual movement in the water.  It is a stagnate water bed of pestilence.  The ducks won’t even go near it.  And if anyone should ever consider swimming therein, I would say that the alligators would be the least of their worries.


In other news, because I’m nothing if not brilliant, I came up with a bold plan to completely repaint our family/dining room combo.  It should be noted that the ceilings, in places, are a mere 15 feet tall.

And I thought to attempt this endeavor 2 days before we were scheduled to begin our new home school year.

It took 3 FULL days and partial nights.  Needless to say we’re starting school a day late.  And I can no longer lift my arms.  Fiddledaddy said that I look like a T-Rex.  Hysterical, that one.  I’d sucker punch him if I could lift more forearm above my elbow.

And so that’s where I’ve been.  Pictures to follow.  Eventually.  Because as you might know, once you paint an entire room, you soon discover that the drapes no longer work.  And several pieces of furniture must also be painted.

It would have been easier to move.

Happy Monday, everyone!

6 Responses to Signs

  • We’ve been dying to paint our stairway since we moved in, it’s a “lovely” pink color (sort of like the background color of this blog, but a bit faded).

    The one issue is the wall from the second to third floor, as it is easily over 25 feet in some areas. . .and on stairs.

    We have promised ourselves this fall though!

  • Oh my, I hope your experience with painting was better than mine this week! I have always used Benjamin Moore paint. We were told that while it is more expensive, it is worth every penny because you use less paint, it lasts longer, cleans up better and goes on much easier. So I ALWAYS use it – UNTIL the laundry room. We had to get a new washer and dryer this week and before it arrived, I decided I would paint because that was the only room in the house left painted the builder’s white. Since it was JUST the laundry room, I just grabbed a quart from Walmart. The man assured me a quart would do two coats. Well, it didn’t even make it 1/2 a coat so I had to go back and get a GALLON! It globbed like crazy and when I went to pull off the painter’s tape, huge sections just peeled right off! It was awful! I am embarrassed of the paint job but it is just the laundry room. It took me twice as long and I spent more on the paint because I had to buy a quart and a gallon when a quart of Benjamin Moore would have done the job! Lesson learned!!! Can’t wait to hear about your experience and see pics!!!

  • OK the sign is laugh out loud funny! Really, people have to be warned about this?
    I love painting, so share what you did. I bet it is very pretty.

  • The sign – I’m thinking “survival of the fittest” here? If someone’s dim enough to swim there and can’t outswim the alligators, then…

    The painting – You. Are. Brave. And far more energetic than should be allowed for a pre-menopausal homeschooling woman. Would you mind coming to paint my entry way next?

  • My last adventure in painting was this past Labor Day weekend. I painted an unused room in our house, with the intent of making it into a room for our grandsons to use on the weekends when they stay with us. The painting part was easy and done. Then…I pulled up carpet which revealed a beautiful hardwood floor that has been hidden by carpet since the house was built in 1964. That came up easily, but we had to replace the baseboards. This is what??? July? The baseboards are cut and painted and secured to the walls, but the decorative base, although cut, has not yet been painted and secured. Thus, the room remains out of order. I’m hoping to have it finished and ready to be slept in by…oh…Labor Day! As with every home improvement project, I’m sighing, “Never again” every time I pass the closed door!

  • And people wonder why I don’t swim in anything but a nice pretty swimming pool!!!

    Can’t wait to see the pictures! 🙂