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Eye 2 Eye

This month marks the 6 year anniversary of this blog.  It does not seem possible that I’ve kept up with it for this long.  I have projects littering the house that I’ve stopped and started.  Most notably my laundry room, which I painted purple when I was pregnant with Emme.  I intended to stencil stars all over the walls.  There are, to date, all of 4 stars.

Pregnancy hormones were not kind to me.  First of all, purple?  And secondly, stenciled STARS?

In other words, I have an abbreviated attention span.  I’ve yet to finish Cailey’s baby book.  Haven’t even started Jensen’s.

But yet I have been writing consistently for the last 6 years.

I suppose it is because the blogging?  It is my therapy.

When I first sat down to write a post, my Emme was a mere 6, Cailey was 4, and Jensen was 18 months.  The fodder was quite different then than it is today.  Mostly I suppose because sleep depravation robbed me of good sense, and also because now that my children can read, I have to obtain permission to share their foibles.

Therefore, a lot goes unsaid.

I’ve considered writing an underground blog wherein I can unload at will.

My blog fodder children have changed so much in the last 6 years.  Emme, who is just a few months shy of 13, now towers over me by about an inch and change.  A year ago, I could rest my chin on the top of Cailey’s head.  Today she walked up to me and I noticed for the first time that we were eye to eye.

She’s TEN.

This has not escaped Emme’s notice, as she fears her younger sister will soon overtake her in the height department.  Cailey’s feet are already bigger than Emme’s and mine.  And I’ve never ever seen legs so long.

I can no longer stifle an I TOLD YOU SO.  I warned Emme at the tender age of 2 when she would saunter by her hapless baby sister in her bouncy seat and treat her to a head slap at every opportunity.  I warned her then that this particular little sister would no doubt be able to CLEAN HER CLOCK in the years to come.  This did little to dissuade Emme from turning her sister into a sling shot when seated in her doorway bouncy seat.

Karma is seldom pleasant.

I’ve warned the sisters not to make an enemy of the baby brother.  He will be able to tie the both of them into a pretzel within the next few years.  And I will joyously have a front row seat.

I only hope that I’m still blogging so that it can all be captured.  Anonymously, of course.

I’ve battled with myself over the last number of months whether or not I really have anything else to say after 6 years.  I also know that my time is going to be even more limited because of the demands of homeschooling 3 children, one entering 7th grade.

As it is now, I can’t imagine not having this community and this outlet, so I forge on.  Maybe a little less frequently.  I just don’t know yet.

Here’s to another 6 years.  Which will take us well into the teenage phase.  Which will coincide with the menopausal years.  WHAT LUCK!

That ought to provide me with a bit more blog fodder. I’m just guessing.

13 Responses to Eye 2 Eye

  • Happy Blogaversary, DeeDee! Let me offer a suggestion. Keep a little notebook with words written {in code, of course} that will prompt you to recall things you’d like to blog about. Write it all up as a memoir when the children are grown and gone…with children just like them 🙂

  • DON’T STOP THE BLOGGING! please? I need you! ; )

  • I cannot believe it was 6 years. You have been way more consistent than me. But, I love coming here every day to see what amazing things I can pass along to John to keep him smiling.

    It’s a joyous thing. Husbands. Kids.

    Well, let me retract the ‘joyous’ for now.

    Another story, another glass of chocovine.


  • Glad you’re still here!

  • You’re entering the teen years and you wonder if you’ll have anything to say?! Take it from a mom of two teens… you will!

  • Yay for 6 years! Double Yay for 6 more!! ( And in whatever capacity you choose to keep up the blog, I, for one, will gladly take it!)

  • Happy Blogaversary!! 🙂 I don’t remember how many years it has been since I began reading your blog. I know I started each day reading 5 specific blogs. Eventually that grew to around 10. Then I noticed I was spending more than an hour each morning just reading blogs, but oh how I needed them. I needed to know that I was/am not the only nut out there dealing with kids and homeschooling.

    So, I “downsized” my morning routine, and I am so glad I kept your blog as on the list. 🙂 You give me a much needed chuckle, a much needed cry, a thought to ponder on occasion…. but mostly, you inspire me. Here’s to hopefully many more years of blogging.

    God bless you and your family.

  • Happy Blogaversary! And don’t stop! We need you! 🙂

  • Congrats on the 6 years. I continue to enjoy your “blog fodder” and hope you will keep writing. Cheers!

  • Congrats! It is completely disarming when you child surpasses you in the height department. My “little” girl is 12 and measures a mere 5’7″ (3 inches taller than me) and also has bigger feet than me. Her latest thing she enjoys doing is asking if she can carry me on her hip.

  • DeeDee! Congratulations on the blogiversary… I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been reading your blog for pretty much the last 6 years because my two girls are thisclose in age to your oldest two and I am thisclose in age to you. We also homeschool. I basically need the affirmation that we are not the only crazy ones. Therefore, I hate to break it to you, but you are not allowed to stop blogging until we have all these girls grown!

    Shayne in Nova Scotia

  • Sorry…you can’t leave us! And YES, I relate to the unfinished projects. We moved recently after 12 years in a big 4 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom ranch. I pitched alot of my unfinished projects. And here is a good one, the piece of molding hidden behind a heavy piece of furniture that NEVER got painted. And my dresser in the master bedroom that hid the spot where I ran out of wallpaper. Ooops. The new owners will think I am a ditz! After 55 years, I have FINALLY come to terms with what I can and can not do. AND, yes, homeschooling is a full time job in itself. And, my oh my, the teen-age years….plenty of fodder. I bought a plastic canvas kit this past winter, to make cute little birdie coasters. They’re simple, I can see the big plastic squares! Four little birds in a cute little nest. My children, especially my daughters in their 20’s, picked on me terribly. “Mom, that is old lady stuff”. I told them to leave me alone, it is very therapeutic! My husband is cringing at the thought of plastic canvas projects all over the house, including every kleenex box. Have no fear, I barely have one little birdie done after 4 months. Oh did I say I have my unfinished projects under control?!!

    Sorry this is soo long, but we had a day filled with outdoor projects, and I am waiting for a thunderstorm to pass!

  • I sincerely hope you keep bloggi
    ng. As writing is your therapy, reading yours and a few other blogs is mine. And you turned me on to chocovine;)