Why are the birds so angry?

Jensen has a new latest obsession.  Let’s review.  First there was the toilet obsession, the licking of the electrical outlets (my favorite), followed by the vacuum phase, quickly followed by Minnie Mouse, Mario Brothers, The Dog Years, The Backyardigans, Phineas & Ferb, Peep & the Big Wide World, and then Pocoyo.

Now he’s all about Angry Birds.  Admittedly, it may be my fault.  I might have downloaded a free Angry Birds app onto my iPad so that I could see what all the fuss was about.  One fine day I told him he could play the educational (use of air quotes) games on my iPad, and he quickly found Angry Birds in the bowels of my apps page.

He covered more Angry Bird ground in 5 minutes than I’d been able to do in weeks.  He discovered golden eggs, secret weapons, and hidden levels, all in the time it usually takes me to figure out where the PLAY button is.

He had a little birthday money a few months ago, and he decided to use it on an Angry Birds game that he had his eye on.  Not an app.  A game.  With real plastic angry birds, hapless pigs, and plastic faux blocks for the pigs to perch themselves upon.  This is basically the setup:

He has since gotten even more creative with the addition of foam blocks so that he is able to make intricate towers from which the pigs can taunt the angry birds.  And his Mario action figures have gotten involved as well.

Lately he has been desiring another different version of this game, containing birds that he does not have.  All to the tune of about $17.  Pricey I think.  He gathered the coins from his bank and all he could come up with was $9.71.  Three dollars were in ones, 4 rolls of pennies, and the rest was all change.

He transferred his life savings into a baggie and handed it to me to keep in my purse, announcing he would be accompanying me to WalMart for the weekly shopping trip.  And just so you know, the child would rather endure sitting on red hot coals than to join me in the Shopping for the Groceries.

And the feeling is mutual.

But I figured this would be one of those really hard but necessary life lessons, since explaining to him that he didn’t have enough money wasn’t working.

The change filled baggie weighted me down so much so that I was certain we’d have to stop by my chiropractor’s office on the way home.  I happened upon a brilliant plan to stop off at the bank located inside of our WalMart and at least trade in the 4 rolls of pennies.  Young Jensen thought for sure that his mother was trying to rip him off and NO WAY could those flimsy two ones be worth more that FOUR rolls of pennies.

A quick math lesson followed.  Along with an extra-strength Excedrin for the Math teacher.

We made our way to the toy aisle, and I showed him the price of the Angry Bird set in question.  And then we looked at the number I had written in magic marker on the side of the baggie.

In his best outside voice he announced, THEN I CAME HERE FOR NOTHING.  THIS IS THE WORST DAY EVER.

I assured him that he’s had worse days.

Although at the moment, I was hard pressed to cite an example.

I will say that for me, it was THE LONGEST shopping trip in the history of all grocery shopping trips.  As I tried to distract him from my his misery.  LOOK, THERE ARE THE BRAS!

Just kidding.

That was simply a ploy to embarrass the 10 year old sister who tagged along to watch the show.

The minute I walked in the door (3 hours later) Fiddledaddy took one look at me, “How would you like to go OUT for dinner?”

I may have burst into grateful tears.

After dinner, I had the brilliant idea to take Jensen to Michael’s to pick up a package of styrofoam balls and some paint, so that he could make a set of Angry Birds.  (If I had added what I spent on that venture onto his savings, we would have had more than enough for the dad-burned Angry Birds game.)  But the lesson would have been lost.

He was thrilled with the idea, and our day today was spent strewn with paint and glue.  Two entities that I seldom have the courage to hand out to the offspring.

This is still a work in progress, and it could be days before I can reclaim the kitchen table but here are a couple of the finished products.

The bird on the left does look downright angry, but the large white bird looks in need of therapy.  Or a cocktail.

A look with which I’m somewhat familiar.

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

3 Responses to Why are the birds so angry?

  • Lord, have Mercy upon this sweet mama. It’d as she navigates The Angry. Amen

    In other news, I feel the need to take that poor angry bird on the right out for a cocktail. Or a tail. Maybe that would help him feel more like a “bird”??

    You are one brave mama, indeed!

  • My son is addicted to Angry Birds, all the app versions. You do know there are others right? Rio, Seasons, and now Space. He has the stuffed birds and pigs. We have that game too and Charlie loves it.

    Check Pinterest for other “make your own” Angry Birds and pigs. We’re doing one with tin cans to use as BB gun targets.

  • That’s AWESOME! Great creativity!