My New Favorite Coffee Drink

A couple of weeks ago I was encouraged to drastically reduce my refined sugar and grain consumption, because likely I have a yeast overgrowth after being on antibiotics for the last 18 months.

There went my two favorite food groups.

The most difficult aspect of this was that I had to give up my daily frozen blended mocha coffee drink.  Years ago I discovered a coffee drink mix by Big Train Co. that would go on to save me hundreds of dollars on specialty coffee drinks.  This is how I justified drinking them DAILY.

Usually I choose not to read the calorie and sugar content, because ignorance is my best coping skill.  However, in lieu of my recent doctor’s visit, and since my husband sat next to me and was a witness THAT I COULD NOT KILL OFF, I’ve had to re-evaluate many of my daily snacking options.

The coffee drink had to go.

The other day I was whining about my plight to a girlfriend of mine.  This is a friend who is not only health conscious (with a website to prove it), but also knows her way around the kitchen.  She told me I could replicate my favorite mix by using instant coffee and cocoa powder.  I hung on her every word.

She sent me the link for the recipe, and I tweaked it ever so slightly, because that’s what I do.  I officially now love this new Coffee Drink recipe.

Which I will now share:

New Favorite Mocha Blended Coffee Concoction
(say that 3 times fast)

•  1 Cup lowfat Organic Milk
•  dash of Vanilla extract
•  1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder
•  1 Tablespoon Instant Coffee
•  Stevia (or other sweetener) to taste
•  1 to 2 cups of ice

Blend the whole thing in a blender or VitaMix.

My friend Nancy also recommends using hydrated Chia Seeds, as they make it smoother and creamier.  I haven’t tried this yet.  You can also throw in a fistful of Spinach, because WOOHOO, can’t taste it in a blended drink.

I don’t know if it makes a difference what kind of instant coffee that you use, but I am loving my Nescafe Clasico.  It smells wonderful.  I’ve always thought that instant coffee smelled like feet, but not this brand.

Also, I’ve reluctantly given up Splenda and have replaced it with Stevia as my sweetener of choice.  The best brand I’ve found so far are the Nu Stevia packets (found at my local health food store).  I use two packets in my coffee drink.

I also add a bit of cool whip.  It makes it pretty.  And I’m worth it.

8 Responses to My New Favorite Coffee Drink

  • I use almost the same recipe except I use Almond Milk instead of Organic. I also use DeVincie Chocolate Sweetner (it’s a liquid). It become a low carb drink for me as I count those carbs. And I put lots of whipped cream on top. YUM!!!

  • I also tried this with 2 pitted Medjool dates in place of the sweeteners – it was YUMMY!

  • I’m going to have to try this one! Dunkin Donuts current special of .99 iced coffee between 3-6 every day is killing me. It’s very hard when I’m out and about, not to stop every day. I’m going to try it with coconut milk though…cause that’s what I have on hand. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  • Silk makes a french vanilla soy creamer that I tend to add in to my coffee concoctions. It’s delish! And, it eliminates my need for sweetner. Thank you for sharing a yummy summer treat idea!

  • Hi, I’m a new reader. Thank you to you and your friend for this recipe.
    I just started a blog on Afterschooling. I would love your suggestions, whenever you have the time to visit!

  • You had me until the spinach. BLECH! Haha! Really, this does sound good to me, though I’m not generally a fan of coffee-flavored things, just coffee. But I might actually try it. Thanks!

  • You probably know this with all your highbtech medical care, but you can buy acidopholous in capsule form study health care stores that helps with the yeast. Same stuff as in yogurt. And why did you.quit the splenda?.