Lady and the Tramp

A very sheepish 7 year old boy came to me and confided, “Mom, there’s an inappropriate picture of a lady in my new dog book.”  “The dog book that your Aunt Cathy gave you?”  He uncharacteristically lowered his voice, “Yes.  And by the way, the lady is not wearing any booby caps.”

Through long thick eyelashes, he set his gaze on me, waiting for a mother’s reaction.  “Let’s go tell your father.”  Who immediately snapped a picture of the “before” prior to sending it to his sister, with the following note:

Subject: Inappropriate

This photo is in the back of the dog book you gave my son.

He thanks you.

And just so you know, the photo was NOT pixelated in the book.

Fiddledaddy then handily made use of a permanent marker and installed some modest swimwear on the model.

And lest you think that we allow inappropriate reading material to fall into the hands of our innocent children, this is the innocuous cover of the book in question:

I’m guessing that Jensen’s dog obsession has just taken on a whole new layer.

13 Responses to Lady and the Tramp

  • Oh.My.Stars. Kudos to FiddleDaddy indeed!

  • Booby caps, ha ha ha!

    Love the swimsuit!

  • Booby caps…that is TOO funny!!

  • Where, pray tell, did he get the phrase “booby caps” from? That is hysterical!

    Fiddledaddy’s got some mad drawing skills.

    At least you’ll know what little man is up to if he starts to walk away with an armful of pet books. 🙂

    • The term “Booby Caps” was born when Cailey was completely infatuated with Ariel, The Little Mermaid. It was used to describe Ariel’s upper attire. And it stuck. In fact, it’s still sticking… 🙂

  • Love that swimsuit!

  • “Dogs and the Imagination” – could that chapter possibly be named any more appropriately? Way to go with the marker, Fiddledaddy! You rock.

  • Another use for a Sharpee if ever I saw one! Fiddledaddy – Great Job!

  • Booby caps?? Hilarious! I like the sharpie idea. I need to do that to my copy of the book “NO DAVID!” The end of the book has his…well rear end shown, and I’ve since stopped reading it to my class because it causes all kinds of drama. I like the idea of drawing swim trunks on him! Way to go Fiddledaddy.

  • Nice swimsuit! 😀

  • Booby caps.


    Last year, one of my second graders checked out a book from the library that had a picture similar to the one in Jensen’s book. It caused quite the ruckus among his friends. One of the assistant principals happened to stop in for a few minutes, and this child scurried right up to her and said, “I think you should know about this.” She took a look and said that she knew just what to do and that she’d be back later with a more appropriate “copy.” Sure enough, she returned that afternoon and handed the book to the child. The once clothing-challeneged lady in the picture now wore a tasteful one-piece in the color of black sharpie. The little fellow looked at the AP and said, “Is this the copy you want me to turn back in to the library?” When she said yes, he quipped, “So can I have the other one to keep?”

    We stepped into the hall and laughed our heads off.

    Little boys…gotta love ’em.

  • Love. It.

    We’ve often said that parts are parts…until someone makes a big deal about it. THEN is the time to address the issue according to your standards and values.

    Just like when our oldest two children were quite young and bathed together. We knew it was time to begin separate bath times when the big brother, aged 2.5 stood in the tub and his sister, aged 1, reached up, grabbed a handful of brother, and pulled. More than once. *AHEM* Completely innocent, and yet so obviously time for a change.

    I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have utilized the sharpie to create clothing that didn’t exist. That just isn’t us. But we certainly would have discussed the perfection that is God’s Creation…our human bodies…and we certainly would have discussed the artist’s intent, our different value system and what it means to be modest, and respect for our bodies.

    You certainly have to love the quick thinking and resourcefulness of Fiddledaddy! And I’m loving that what you’ve been teaching Jensen about his body and modesty has obviously been sinking in somewhere!

  • Get that boy his own TV show and pronto! No writers necessary…