Snack Happy

Thank you everyone for your healthy sugar-free, grain-free snack ideas!  Much of what you all mentioned are some of my favorites!  I’m going to likely go overboard with my love of homemade guacamole on tomatoes, roasted vegetables, and artichokes.

And yes, I can have fruit, but I need to limit it to a couple of servings a day.  Which is great because I can still have a green smoothie.

I wanted to tell you about my most favorite snack recipe.  I loved it when I was on the South Beach diet years ago, and had completely forgotten about it.  You take a can of Chick Peas (garbanzo beans), rinse them, and let them air dry.  Place them on a foiled lined pan.  Drizzle about a teaspoon of Olive Oil, add some salt and garlic powder, and roast them in the oven at 350 degrees for about 50 minutes.  They come out nice and crunchy.  I’m loving these over Lays.  Seriously.  But I have to do 2 cans at a time because the children have discovered them as well.

But one thing I can’t get right.  I’ve been experimenting with Kale Chips.  I’ve tried them in the dehydrator, but they come out as powder.  So I’ve tried putting the Kale into a bowl, drizzling with some Olive Oil, garlic powder, and salt. I work it all together and have tried baking it on a cookie sheet.  It always comes out tasting a little bitter and burned.  I’ve tried different temps and time.  Still I can’t get it right.

It all starts out well and good, until somebody gags…

Does anyone else have a tried and true recipe for Kale Chips?

5 Responses to Snack Happy

  • I “think” I remember a recipe where they did the olive oil on the kale and then put it in the dehydrator. If yours turned to powder, perhaps they were in too long?

    Thanks for the chick pea idea. Never heard of that, but it sounds super yummy!

  • I’ll have to try the chick peas. I’ve gone gluten free and it’s helped my digestive issues immensely. I miss bread though, and often dream about chocolate cake. The GF varieties are just not the same. sigh. I applaud your efforts and with you the best with your kale chips.
    Today is national kitchen klutzes day, and as a long-standing member, you’ll understand why I’ve never attempted kale chips nor have a recipe to share. I’d probably catch the kitchen on fire.

  • I do however have a friend who is extremely health conscious and posted this recipe for kale chips…hope it helps 🙂

  • Hi DeeDee, I think kale has an unusually high level of pesticides, not totally sure, but you may want to go organic with this!

  • If you can find the Dino Kale (easier to find in the Fall at the farmers markets) it is sturdier and gives more of a “chip” feel and won’t go to powder as fast. If you are doing it in the oven it is better to go with a lower temp. and watch and turn it. However, I never have that much time or patience so I always end up turning up the heat and burning it a little. Also, remember that kale is a cool weather crop and tends to get bitter with the heat.

    Lastly, my kids like the tang of a little lemon juice added into our kale chip recipes.