Lemon Lyme – an update

by Fiddledeedee on June 12, 2012

After a nice long hiatus, I made the journey into Orlando to meet with one of my Lyme doctors.  It was a bad news/good news/bad news scenario.

First the bad news.  My C4A level (blood work) ought to be down around the 2000 range.

Mine is now over 11,000.  Up by 3,000 since my last round of blood work.  It seems I am an over achiever.

What this indicates is either a Lyme resurgence, inflammation, or the high presence of yeast in my system.  Or all of the above.

But because I’m wandering around basically symptom free, the doctor believes that the high numbers may be due to toxins that are not able to exit the building.  It’s often been said that I’m full of cr**…

So, I’ve been given a new prescription which will help bind the toxins and get them where they need to go.  I also need to up my Probiotics.

Now for the silver lining in my grey little cloud.  My doctor feels that after 18 months on antibiotics, my system needs a break.  I AM GETTING OFF OF ANTIBIOTICS for the next 5 weeks.  Then we’ll reassess.

I’m still taking all the herbal medications, vitamins, supplements, and the kitchen sink.  But I’m thrilled to get off of the antibiotics.  That was the good news.

Now for the last bit of bad news.

Because of toxins, yeast, inflammation, and what-have-you, my doctor strongly suggested that I greatly reduce SUGAR AND GRAINS.  Greatly.

And sadly, Fiddledaddy was sitting next to me to bear witness.  Not stifling a great big I TOLD YOU SO spoken not with his words, but body language.  A head wiggle and an eyebrow raise were involved.  And I heard a barely audible snort.

I may or may not have thought about punching him in the throat.  But showed amazing restraint and did not act upon it.

He informed the doctor that he sends me articles to this effect ALL OF THE TIME, but that I block his e-mails.

Oh, here is some good news.  I can have coffee.  But bad news – I cannot have my daily frozen coffee drink that I dearly love and will miss with every fiber of my being.

For the next 5 weeks I will be getting creative as far as my snacking opportunities go.  If you have any non-sugar non-grain snack ideas you’d like to share (that doesn’t involve styrofoam), I’d be so very appreciative.

(Best news:  “I’m wandering around basically symptom free.”  We’ll just call that a miracle.)


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