Lemon Lyme – an update

After a nice long hiatus, I made the journey into Orlando to meet with one of my Lyme doctors.  It was a bad news/good news/bad news scenario.

First the bad news.  My C4A level (blood work) ought to be down around the 2000 range.

Mine is now over 11,000.  Up by 3,000 since my last round of blood work.  It seems I am an over achiever.

What this indicates is either a Lyme resurgence, inflammation, or the high presence of yeast in my system.  Or all of the above.

But because I’m wandering around basically symptom free, the doctor believes that the high numbers may be due to toxins that are not able to exit the building.  It’s often been said that I’m full of cr**…

So, I’ve been given a new prescription which will help bind the toxins and get them where they need to go.  I also need to up my Probiotics.

Now for the silver lining in my grey little cloud.  My doctor feels that after 18 months on antibiotics, my system needs a break.  I AM GETTING OFF OF ANTIBIOTICS for the next 5 weeks.  Then we’ll reassess.

I’m still taking all the herbal medications, vitamins, supplements, and the kitchen sink.  But I’m thrilled to get off of the antibiotics.  That was the good news.

Now for the last bit of bad news.

Because of toxins, yeast, inflammation, and what-have-you, my doctor strongly suggested that I greatly reduce SUGAR AND GRAINS.  Greatly.

And sadly, Fiddledaddy was sitting next to me to bear witness.  Not stifling a great big I TOLD YOU SO spoken not with his words, but body language.  A head wiggle and an eyebrow raise were involved.  And I heard a barely audible snort.

I may or may not have thought about punching him in the throat.  But showed amazing restraint and did not act upon it.

He informed the doctor that he sends me articles to this effect ALL OF THE TIME, but that I block his e-mails.

Oh, here is some good news.  I can have coffee.  But bad news – I cannot have my daily frozen coffee drink that I dearly love and will miss with every fiber of my being.

For the next 5 weeks I will be getting creative as far as my snacking opportunities go.  If you have any non-sugar non-grain snack ideas you’d like to share (that doesn’t involve styrofoam), I’d be so very appreciative.

(Best news:  “I’m wandering around basically symptom free.”  We’ll just call that a miracle.)

20 Responses to Lemon Lyme – an update

  • I’ve found a lot of great grain free/sugar free recipes on this website, http://mariahealth.blogspot.com/?m=1.

  • Stick with the good news only and foget the bad news. You’ll see, the bad news will take care of them selves. Still praying for you.

  • Check out paleo recipes…no grains and no refined sugars. Lots of options there. Continuing to pray for healing!

  • I don’t consider these “snack” foods, and although they are not a substitute for chocolate (because there is no substitute for chocolate), they are sweet–I do like to munch on grape tomatoes.

  • I’ve been trying to be gluten free and dairy free. They do make lots of other options that you can buy, but you have to pay for them. Do you like hummus? Hummus and carrots are a good snack. And if you need to substitute a non-dairy “milk” in your frozen drink, coconut milk works. I guess you would have to get unsweetened. Can you use Stevia?

    • Yes, I’ve got hummus in the fridge right now. Love it on celery sticks. And I used coconut milk for my protein shake today. With Stevia. We are simpatico, my friend. 🙂

  • I eat a lot of cheese for snacks. String cheese in particular. Turns me into a little kid again each time I eat them.

  • First of all, praise God for the good part of that there news.

    Next, more importantly, what to snack on:
    Hard boiled eggs?
    Hummus filled celery stalks?
    Cherry tomatoes and a small wedge of mozzarella? (that’s my favorite!)
    Sunbutter on apple slices is another favorite (if the natural sugar in an ape is ok?)

    May the “force” be with you at snack times!

  • Definitely good and bad! \o/ Yay for no symptoms and no antibiotics!

    Are fruit sugars O.K.? Grapes, melon, cherries, (bananas?)…

    Are you a tomato eater? I cut some up and snack on them with a little salt – or marinate in a little red wine vinegar w/ finely diced garlic & onion, S & P, and chopped basil.

    Seconding the suggestion for hummus – I make it often with just garbanzos, tahini, fresh lemon juice, fresh garlic, and salt. I add a little water to get the right consistency. GREAT with carrots, celery, and red pepper strips.

    Make enough meats, veggies, soups, etc. for dinner that you’ll have plenty of leftovers for lunch and snacks. That little bowl of leftover veggies that my kids don’t ever want the next day makes a great snack for me! Grilled veggies (peppers, zucchini, etc.), roasted cauliflower, cabbage, or asparagus with garlic & olive oil, or whatever we have.

    Homemade guacamole is great & filling except that you’ll want tortilla chips with it. Trying to think of other things to eat with guacamole… sliced grilled meat?

    Salads. Lettuce with chopped ripe avocado, tomato, onion, a little bit of parmesan cheese, S & P, and fresh lemon juice is great. You could add tuna, canned chicken, or leftover meats.

    Let us know how it goes!

    • Actually…. if you cut up small carrot sticks, you’ll never miss the chips. I’ve found that when I crave chips and guac, what I actually want is something crunchy and guacamole. I can much away happy as a clam.

  • It does sound like a dandy case of candida since you’ve been on antibiotics for so long. But I’m glad you’re symptom free. : )

  • I’ve been snacking a lot on nuts. I love cocoa roasted almonds, but you would need to check the ingredients to be sure they are ok for you. Kale chips or sweet potato chips are also good, although if it’s candida, you may want to steer clear of sweet potato.

  • Homemade larabars (if you can have rasins/dates)

    amy-newnostalgia.blogspot.com has a great chocolate larabar truffle recipe. I used it on a Daniel fast and felt I was cheating!

    Freeze 4 sliced up bananas, put in food processor
    pulse-it will turn to gravel like substance-go a little further and it will turn creamy, like ice cream. If you like banana-you have banana ice cream, or you can add 2 TBS of Cocoa powder and 2 TBS peanut butter-SO good! You can add whatever you want-berries, chocolate chips, etc…

    These are a couple of my favorites 🙂

  • You can do it. I know you can!

  • praise God you’re feeling symptom free! 😀
    i am assuming you can have agave or stevia (i have a friend on a sugar-free diet for RA and my cousin is on a sugar-free diet because she, too, has lyme disease–and they can both have both). if that’s the case, you MUST check out chocolate covered katie’s blog. here are two recipes i’ve either tried or want to but there are gobs of others:
    …and i have a recipe for coconut macaroons that i made that’s gluten-free (made with sorghum flour) and sugar free (made with agave). let me know if you want it. 🙂

    • i just saw online that supposedly you can’t have agave but you can have stevia…so my macaroon recipe won’t work, but the blog will still be a great reference. she’s got some fantastic recipes… 🙂

      • Hi Kim!

        My doctor specifically said that I could sweeten with agave, honey, or Stevia. SO I’M IN BUSINESS!!! I’m going to be looking at this website. So YES, send me your macaroon recipe!

        Thank you!

  • So simple for a Texas girl…salsa…freshly made…on/with everything! The peppers increase your metabolism and encourage the toxins to get outta the house…

  • Uh, probably loaded with chemicals (I refuse to look) but 7-11 has sugar free mango slurpees right now. Twenty calories for an 8 ounce slurpee.

  • We have been on a no-grain, no-starch, no-sugar diet for 5 weeks now in an attempt to heal my son’s intestinal issues. And it seems to be working!!! The diet is laid out in “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” which we bought from Amazon. There are recipes on http://www.scdrecipe.com/recipes. Also on http://www.pecanbread.com. We only use raw honey to sweeten things with. Obviously, lots of fruits and vegies are best. But when you get that sweet craving, our favorite recipe is:

    1 cup nut butter (I use unsweetened almond butter)
    1/2 cup honey
    1/2 teaspoon baking soda
    1 egg

    Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes.