I don’t like spiders and snakes

I felt I should update you regarding the situation at the bank.  Because I’m nothing if not adventuresome, and because changing banks would be such a drag, I opted to revisit the ATM machine to deposit a singular check.


Leading me to believe that it had gone on to the great spider web in the sky, leaving behind her 8 legged carcass.  And possibly some spider eggs.

Giving me a great deal of confidence that our bank is well kept and prepared FOR ANY EMERGENCY.

Mentally I’m handling sharing my bank deposits with the dead carcass of a rather poisonous looking arachnid rather well.  All things considered.

But then I had to face the straw that broke the camel’s back, sending it careening over the cliff.

Behold.  This was my view as I turned around on the couch to check the sky for a chance of rain.

It seems that our former dog, Mater, left his mark on the screen in the form of a gaping hole.  And somehow, we missed this particular rip as we had already duct taped all the other gaping screen holes inflicted by said former dog.

Duct tape.  A homeowner’s best friend.  In the cheap part of town.

The top part of the snake was inside the screen.

Anyhoo.  My mind went to the dark place as I tried to remember if snakes could burrow through GLASS and such.  And thoughts of ever opening this window to let a potential breeze through were now dead to me.

Fiddledaddy, unbeknownst to me, was at this point sneaking up on the snake from the backyard.  A shovel was within arms reach, and I thought, oh dear God no, not only will I be dealing with replacing a rather large pane of glass, but most assuredly the snake would be making a beeline towards ME in an effort to escape the business end of the shovel.

But something unexpected happened.  Before I or the snake knew what was happening, Fiddledaddy grabbed it by the tail, yanked it out of the window screen, throwing it up against the back fence.

You can see Fiddledaddy’s Croc in the background, and his hand on the tail.  It all happened with such lightning fast speed, that the next camera frame showed only an empty screen hole, where the snake once was.

And please, ignore all of the dirt that accumulates around the window sill.  Goodness knows, I do.

The chances of me leaving the house over the course of the summer are getting slim to none.

12 Responses to I don’t like spiders and snakes

  • U til you mentioned it, I never saw the dirt on the windowsill in the first place. After all my eyes were glued to the snake and my heart was saying over and over ” No snakes in NH, no snakes in NH” ewwwwwwwww

  • I like snakes, I picked up one the other day, just a garter snake. BUT to be surprised like that! eEEKKKK!
    Oh, Libby would like to know how the ipod fared in the bowl of rice. She got a kick out of that. 🙂

  • That’s a Black Racer. You want them in your yard, though maybe only if you don’t see them. They like to eat the vile Cuban tree frogs. Fiddledaddy was lucky to grab him, they are super fast, hence the name.

  • How long before the For Sale sign goes in the yard?

    I’ve already prepared the husband and our sons that if the day ever comes when we find something slithering around, I will sell the house exactly as it is when I pull immediately out of the driveway approximately 14.9 seconds after seeing the snake.

  • My husband just took care of a 4 foot one in our suburban backyard. To all those who say they are good snakes, I am so sorry, but no snake is a good snake when it is poking its head out of bushes frightening my children and me to death. Bad news…..my son just found an open snake egg underneath my porch swing out back. Guess I get to look forward to more time spent indoors this summer until that snake is found and removed. I am wondering however if said snake can get into the house through our doggie door. If so I will be moving, leaving behind the entire contents of my home because I will never, ever set foot inside its walls again if a snake comes in for a visit.

    • Marti,

      I hear you loud and clear. I’ve sure I’ve told this story before, but years ago my SIL found a snake in her apartment. She moved all their stuff to another apartment when my BIL was working as a pilot. She forgot to tell him. He came home to an empty apartment. 🙂

  • Oh. My. Everlovin goodness! You narrowly averted a heart attack, there, didn’t ya? Mine only stopped once I read that the creature hadn’t yet attempted to burrow through the glass. Thereby giving you ample time to escape. To another state. Reason #533 why I hightailed it out of FL.

    And LynnMarie, I’m in NH too! So far, that’s been my mantra. Lord help us all if I’m proved wrong. By nature or some such thing…

  • If that had been my husband shadowing said snake, he would have stood there and wondered what the snake would do if and when he got himself between the screen and the glass. I would be packing an overnight bag to move into a hotel until Mr. Snake is gone!
    I do agree they are nice to have around. Not only do they eat other nasty little creatures but this particular kind also eats other SNAKES!!!!
    Blessings on a snakeless day!

  • Sunny days or not…I could never live in FL! I can deal with our little spiders and annoying insects, but snakes? Forget it! At least you have the internet to keep you company during you snake-imposed lockdown.

  • Just remember, the more harmless little black snakes you have, the less likely you are to run into one of the poisonous varieties.

  • Go, FiddleDaddy! So I guess summer camping is out?

  • OK, so much for our thoughts about moving to Florida!! I hate spiders and Michelle hates snakes, soooooo . . . .