Conventional Celebration

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The end of the school year is a big deal in our house.  And since we homeschool, it’s an even bigger deal for me than for the children.  I hope this gives you an idea of my level of glee.

This year we celebrated the end of the year with a camping trip to Fort Wilderness, which I chronicled here.  And yes, since we live an hour away and can take advantage of Florida Residence Season Passes, we do realize that we’re blessed.

Spotting the upcoming special event posted on the refrigerator calendar helped the children to focus on the prize at the end of the #2 pencil.  And it helped me use it as leverage to hold over their heads, keeping them on task.

I love a reward system in our school year.  I make it no secret that I offer a crisp one dollar bill to any of my children that can pull a perfect 100% on a test.  This incentive helps everyone to slow it down, and double check their work.  Thankfully, not all of their subjects require frequent testing, or I would be moonlighting at Walmart.

MSN’s Mom’s Homeroom has a wonderful article about how to celebrate the end of school.  One idea that particularly struck me was spend time noticing all that they have accomplished.  We do that by going through each child’s portfolio at the end of the year, just prior to a visit from our evaluator.  This way they can see significant progress from the start of the year to the end.

Now since the children have already celebrated with a camping trip, it’s time for the weary teacher to kick up her heels at the annual homeschool convention that our state hosts in Orlando this weekend.  At a hoopty ploopty hotel.

And after the year I’ve had, I pack with a guilt free conscience, knowing that the children will be left in their father’s very capable hands.  Wherein I will spend the next few days attending seminars, planning, perusing curriculum, gleaning wisdom from people who have been at this even longer than I have, and generally filling my tank with much needed mental rest and pool relaxation.

Tonight at dinner, Fiddledaddy asked me if he had a convention pass to peruse the exhibit hall, should he choose to bring the children over on Saturday.  I narrowed my eyes, mentally pondering the repercussions should lightning strike me dead at the kitchen table if I lied.  I answered, “Yes, and I will leave it at the front desk with strict orders that I’ve filed a restraining order against my husband and children, and they are not to come within 10,000 feet of me.”

No jury of my peers would ever condemn me.

Have a fantastic weekend, my friends.  I suspect that this much needed end of the year celebration will give me the will to live and face another year of homeschooling.  Hope springs eternal.

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4 Responses to Conventional Celebration

  • Don’t forget the ChocoVine this year 🙂 Wait…or is that ChocoWine? Either way, have a great weekend!

  • I’ve already complained to my hubby that you get to go away to a hotel for your home school convention. 🙂 Ours is about an hour drive from my house so I’ve not been able to justify staying at a hotel. I am, however, completely ready to take myself out for every meal and coffee break that weekend. Yay for the end of the year! I appreciate your blog so much! I’ve been following for a few years and I now there have been many times that your posts have humored me through my rough days. Have fun!

  • DeeDee, it was SUCH a pleasure meeting you today!
    I am so thankful for your blog and all of the encouragement and laughter it has brought me.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay at the hoopty ploopty resort like we are!
    Thanks again for hanging out with a total rookie and sharing your experiences.

  • I’ve got two more days of teaching then I’m on summer break! This has been the hardest year of teaching for me so far. I. Can’t. Wait. Blessedly the last two days will be filled with dress rehearsal for our graduation and awards program and field day. Just the thought of having to introduce anymore new concepts to a roomful of squirming squirrels with ADD…I mean preschoolers…is enought to make me break out in hives.
    I raise a mug (of coffee 😉 and celebrate with you!