Taking the wild out of the wildlife at Disney

There is no rest for the weary.  This point was illustrated this last week while camping when after a day or two, my distraught middle daughter came out of the tent after finding nothing suitable to wear for the day.  “Mom!  Have you done any laundry?”


Granted, Disney is pretty plush as far as camping goes, what with tree stumps that house an electrical outlet and water hose.  But each site has yet to boast of a washer/dryer combo.

I offered her two rocks and pointed her towards the creek.

There are no dishwashers either.  Which is why I was in this position after slaving over my Coleman stove.

Another aspect to Disney camping is that the wildlife is not terribly wild.  Our first night at the campground was spent investigating a disturbance in the tree over our tent.  After shining a light up into the branches, we discovered four eyes belonging to two white owls just above us, peering down.  The birds in general are pretty brazen, as they think nothing of swooping down and snatching a chip right out of your clenched fingers.

The squirrels make it a habit to unzip a tent of their choosing, and forage for unattended nuts.  Like the kind that Fiddledaddy packed in his prized muesli.  We had to hide food under lock and key.  Had they gotten into my chocolate I would have been researching Squirrel Stew from my phone.

I noticed that our intrepid camping neighbors were feeding the little vermin.  So when they (the squirrels, not the campers) wandered over to our site, I threw rocks at them.  Thinking I was tossing food, they went after the rocks in a rousing game of fetch.

My friends (who were there with us) are the sort that run and hike.  On purpose.  They reported many a deer on the bicycle trail that did not bother to even look up much less budge as they rode by.

At one point a wild turkey wandered into our campsite.  He was looking for a free meal.  Little did he know that I was too, and imagined what he would look like atop the grill.  But sadly I did not pack my bow and arrow.  Or gun.  Or even a girl scout knife.

Another exciting moment occurred near the pool when my friend Michelle and I were doing this:

(Mine are the unkempt toes on the right.)

And this entered the fray:

Animal security was promptly dispatched, and a fellow with a long tonged kind of piece of equipment gently herded the snake back up into the well manicured bushes.

I guess it would be un-Disney like to stomp on it in front of the children.  Just a guess.

And finally, another instance of just how friendly the wildlife is at Disney occurred when one of the children excitedly came up to us at the pool, describing how a frog was giving another frog a piggy back ride.  One of the more astute adults commented that they must have been playing leap frog and got stuck.


Disney camping. A walk on the wild side.

7 Responses to Taking the wild out of the wildlife at Disney

  • And THIS is why my camping is done at Wilderness Lodge!

  • 1) I believe there was a reason that the evil one was disguised as a snake in the garden of Eden. They are, well… evil. Just my 2 cents on that.
    2) Unkempt toes are beautiful toes. And, hey, they require no upkeep!
    3)That turkey was one lucky bird.
    4)Amen to what Brooke just said. We, too, like to enjoy Disney in the “Wilderness”. That would be the Wilderness lodge. With nary a slithery friend in site. And that’s just fine and dandy with me. 🙂

  • Sounds like an exciting adventure. I would have done great up to the point where the snake came out. At that point I maybe would have taken time to pack up and the snake could have the camping grounds all to its self. see ya, it’s all yours buddy!!! lol

  • Totally off-topic but- I love your dishwashing shoes, where do you find those. I hate flipflops and most sandals are uncomfortable on my foot but THOSE look awesome.


    • Christina,

      They are Crocs. Not even kidding. I think except for my sneakers, all that I own are Crocs! Find a store that sells them to check your true size, then go to Crocs.com and shop the sales.

  • Gotta LOVE Disney’s running water! I also love your dish washing tub and am stealing that idea next time.

    Plus, I think that we’ll be going back to the store and getting my Taj mahal (I mean tent) for the next trip. Yippee!

    BTW – I have a picture of the wile e turkey and should have sent it to you!

  • D2, only you can look so beautiful while camping and washing dishes in a tub!