Crawling to the finish line

We all feel it.  We’re nearing the end of the school year.  Home school moms are especially giddy.  Even those of us who lay claim to home schooling year round.  I’m one of those moms, but I do have a definite start and end date.  They are just close together.

Not unlike my hot flashes.

We finish our school year toward the end of May, just in time for me to run away to attend our home school convention with my sisters-in-law plus a gaggle of home schooling com padres.  Then in our little House of Higher Learning, we take about 6 weeks respite, and begin again in mid-July.  In this way we’re able to get in four 9 week sessions, taking two 2 week breaks (one in Fall, one in Spring) and we take the entire month of December off.  This has been a great schedule for us.

In the merry month of May we also mark the end of all the activities.  We ended our A.H.G. (Christian scouting) year with a final Court of Honor last weekend.  I watched my Emme graduate from the Explorer’s unit and cross over to become a Pipa.

Then again tonight I watched her graduate from the Awana program.  She’s very nearly officially in junior high.  Or what the Floridians call, middle school.

I call it just another reason to dye my hair.

I thought I’d get a little teary at the Awana Awards ceremony tonight, as I waited for our little Sparks group to get their awards.  But most of my attention was focussed on a very fidgety Jensen who kept popping up off his official spot on the floor to rush over to us lamenting the fact that he did not finish his book.

Not only did he not finish his 2nd year book, but he’s still on his 1st year book.  In fact, he’s rather at the beginning of his 1st year book.  As he watched child after child receive a ribbon for finishing, he sulked over to us one last time with his head hanging low, “I JUST CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE.”  Using his best outside voice.

When the time finally did come for him to receive his certificate of participation as a parting gift, he did not hear his name because he was too busy chatting with his neighbor.  “Jensen,” I hissed, “This is your moment.”  With that he let out a big whoop and ran up to get the piece of paper that said he came to Awana sometimes.  It’s generally hard to get the boy to commit to anything.

(That’s my boy, in the blue, 3 feet in the air.)

This is really the last week for all official activities.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.  But because I’m OCD, I’m already printing out a calendar for next year and gathering all of the used curriculum possible to begin in July.  It never really ends, does it?

We’re preparing for our end of the year camping trip with our small group and of course the convention.  Then it’s off to finish all of the half baked projects that I started and never finished over the last year.

What big plans do you have for your summer break (and I use the word break very loosely)?

6 Responses to Crawling to the finish line

  • We are, hopefully, going to end our semester at the end of May. We will take a few weeks off for fun things but we homeschool through the summer, with a reduced schedule in the summer. My goal is to be ready for school in the fall for what we will call 3rd grade! But we have much to accomplish before I can feel comfortable with that…The end of the school year is a big accomplishment for mom too! Whooohooo!

  • Three words. Vacation Bible School. Any Bible teaching church in my city that offers a VBS gets my kids for a week.

    And also, we’re moving Saturday. Hopefully. And I’ll be getting a house in order this summer!

    • Tara, that was me last summer. Enrolling my girls in all the good VBS programs I could find. I figured having at least 2/3 of them occupied were good odds. Sadly, Emme is now too old for VBS. Unless I lie about her age. Which would really set the good Christian example. 🙂

  • It’s difficult for me to think of anything past the end of May because my daughter is getting married then, but after that we are going to Florida with my husband’s family. By then I will need that break on the beach! 🙂

  • Road trip to Yellowstone in August! From Wisconsin. I am unreasonably excited. I also signed my girls up for summer school for 3 weeks in July to the tune of $20. TWENTY. Total. As in, $10 per child. For 5 days a week, 8:30-2:15. May God shower my school district with blessings.

  • We are supposed to have something planned for AFTER the Convention (yes that should be capitalized, it’s an important person, place or thing)???

    Heeheehee – Kidding! The two days I’m at Convention the kiddos have off school. After that, back at it. It’s hotter than……..well, you fill in the blank….here and my little “house cats” don’t want to go outside and sweat so school it is! 🙂