Ready, Set, Serve

As a little testimonial to how far I’ve come medically speaking, I thought I’d tell you what I did this weekend.  On Saturday afternoon, we had a big family gathering at the beach to celebrate my nephew’s recent marriage.  He graduated from basic training and married his girl all in the same week, so this was the first time they’ve been home so that we could properly celebrate.

We have an unusual family in that the adults act goofier than the children.  For the most part.  There is also a rather significant competitive edge among the aunts and uncles.  There was some smack talk about athleticism, especially among the 40 and over set, so the gauntlet was thrown down in the sand and a volleyball game was born.  With players ranging in age from 9 to mid-50’s.

I was one of the players.  And for the record, I was NOT the oldest player in the sand.

This was a rather big deal for me, as I’ve not played volley ball since Reagan was in office.

I managed not to look as foolish as I could have, and was able to serve, set, and even return a ball or two over the net.  It occurred to me during the game that this time two years ago I could not even brush my own hair.

And here I was.  Playing volley ball.  Without a Wii remote in my hand.

I even broke a sweat.

At one point I found myself face down in the sand (not because I was going for a shot, but because I tripped over my own feet), but I managed to pop back up without the aid of a fork lift.

The other players moved WAY up when I served, as I have a low and mean serve.

Still I battle Lyme Disease.  But I have the upper hand.  Which I’m able to raise high above my head.

Never did I ever think I’d be frolicking in the sand playing a game of volley ball again.   I am so very grateful for that.  And extra strength Tylenol.

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