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A pox on our house

Recently Fiddledaddy brought home a new lotion he researched on the internet to try out on his boy who still suffers terribly with Atopic Dermatitis.  After a few days, we noticed that his skin was actually getting worse instead of better.

His dermatologist recommends two 20 minute tepid baths per day to help moisturize Jensen’s skin.  We then slather him with vegetable shortening.  Which isn’t as odd as it sounds, as it’s actually organic pressed palm oil and resembles a nice thick lotion.

And makes him taste delicious.

But for a bit, we were giving Cetaphil lotion a whirl.  Until one fateful night when Jensen screamed more than usual after his bath.  Fiddledaddy took a gander at the ingredients and was horrified to discover that it contains almond oil.

What luck.  The child is allergic to almonds.  How he missed that fine print I’ll never know.  I’m just glad it wasn’t me.

We went back to our usual routine and Jensen improved.  Only then to suffer a break out of what looks suspiciously like acne on his back, with a few spots scattered on his legs and face.

It finally occurred to us that he likely has Chicken Pox.

He never had a fever, and has been his usual boisterous self.  I really did want him to contract Chicken Pox in his childhood, but feared how it would mix with his already sensitive skin.  Turns out, this hasn’t slowed him down a bit, and he has not been any more itchy than usual.

It has provided a temptation for the sisters to hold him down to connect the dots, but thankfully he’s still in possession of lightning fast speed.

The only downside has been those phone calls I’ve had to make to dear family friends who have been spending time with my boy.

But one such call I actually enjoyed.

Because the day prior, this particular friend had to call me to inform me that my children had likely been exposed to another communicable childhood pestilence which I cannot mention because I’ve been sworn to secrecy.

But it rhymes with mice.

I dialed and she answered, I began, “Um, I think I can trump you.  Jensen has Chicken Pox.”

She couldn’t speak for a few moments BECAUSE OF ALL THE LAUGHTER.

It was the exact response I was hoping for.

She then had to call another friend to warn her of the pending plague that might befall them.  This particular friend was on a girl’s weekend getaway.  This sweet friend had to turn around and call her husband, who was holding down the fort at home.  The conversation went something like this:

“Hi honey…I’m enjoying my glass of wine…oh…can you check the kids for lice and chicken pox???”.

Friendship.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

11 Responses to A pox on our house

  • Hehee. I wouldn’t mind chicken pox, but live in dread of lice.
    My son also has some form of atopic dermatitis. It improved with soaking, but the coconut oil wasn’t doing a thing. I recently purchased some calendula cream and the results startled me. More than 50% better overnight and after about three days his skin is about as normal as it will get. I doubt our boys are suffering from the same thing, after all they call it atopic, but maybe it will help?

  • I will take chicken pox ANY day over lice! Glad your little one is doing well!

  • All Clear Here! 🙂

  • I would much rather my kids have Chicken Pox than lice (shutter).

  • I had Chicken Pox when I was a Sophmore in High School! Yeah, that was fun!

    Enjoy your pox and be thankful it was now and not in 23 days! 😉

  • We missed out on this particular party… I’ve never been so thankful for a round of fever from my 1 year old. BTW – that turned out to be Roseola. The rash looked lovely when we were visiting family this weekend.

  • Oh those pesty Chicken pox! Better now than when the kids are older. I’ve had them as an adult…..the pain is terrible and it’s called Shingles!!!!

  • Oh no! At least, if he gets bored, his sisters can draw cool pictures as they connect the dots?

    My little man has major exczma. And is allergic all nuts. In the interest of continuing to keep dsf out of our home, I’ll just tell you that it took us exactly ONCE to figure out that anything with shea butter is a nut derived product! We now happily alternate between Sarna Cream (straight from Heaven, I tell ya) and Vanicream.

  • Oh Lord. Is it wrong that I was totally laughing at that last paragraph?

    My eldest had chicken pox at 4 months of age. FOUR MONTHS. That means I am relieved of ever having the need to deal with the pox ever again, right?

  • My daughter’s school recently sent home a notice that one of the student’s had lice. Unfortunately, I had also spent a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen the weekend before and my scalp was sunburnt. My head was so itchy from the combination of the real peeling skin and the imaginary lice, I thought I was going to go crazy!

  • First, I’d like to say that I’m glad your little man hasn’t been phased by the pox.

    Second, I wish we lived closer. We’d set up a play date. A chicken pox party of sorts. I’d love for mine to get them now as kids cause the older you get the harder it is on the body. Any one near Tallahasse have kids with the pox? Let’s party. LOL.