Laundry Day

I was doing my customary 2 or 15 loads of laundry this morning.  I actually look forward to laundry day, because I pride myself on being able to eradicate most any stain.  I am the Laundry Maven.

In fact, I’ve been able to single handedly keep my 14 year old dryer chugging along with the use of duct tape and pliers.  Not even kidding.  The knob, which we’ve replaced at least 3 times, can now only be managed by squeezing the pliers onto what remains of the stub.  I grab hold with both hands, and have to nearly turn myself upside-down within the confines of our miniature laundry room.  Which works in my favor since I can brace myself against the back wall with my foot, as I turn my entire body to get the phantom knob to the sweet spot.  Wherein I totally have to use my feminine instincts to guess where it should stop.  Because if it doesn’t hit just the right place, the dryer will not turn itself off and I could end up setting the house ablaze should I, say, leave the house without checking.

Oh yes, laundry day is festive.

Especially today.

As I was loading a basket full of darks into the dryer from the washing machine, mentally preparing myself for the herculean act of turning the thing ON, I peered down into the empty washing machine tub.

There at the bottom lay Fiddledaddy’s iPod.  The one that cost $150.00 a couple of years ago.  The one that he has let his oldest daughter borrow.  The one that she must have slipped into a pocket yesterday.  And then discarded the entire pair of shorts into the laundry basket without first checking.

And let me just say that, as Laundry Maven, it is NOT my job to first check everyone’s pockets.  I feel that since I’m already washing and folding all of their laundry, buying the groceries, cooking the meals, homeschooling, keeping up with much of the cleaning, AND refereeing most of the bickering, I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO CHECK THE POCKETS.

Since all manner of guilt was deflected off of me, and landing squarely on the oldest daughter, who has issues with misplacing things and general carelessness, let me just say that the hammer came down rather hard on the 12 year old.

Who did feel very awful about the whole thing.  As I’m sure she imagined her life sans music for a sweet forever.  In my own youth, never did I ever leave my Close-n-play phonograph in a pocket.  Ever.

Of course I tried to turn the thing on.  Nothing.  Fiddledaddy rushed off to google what to do should an iPod take a swim, and evidently, attempting to turn it on is the very worst thing possible.

Instead, what he learned, is that you should soak the iPod in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes.  {{{WHAT???}}}  Then you place the iPod into a bowl of raw rice.

Now you see it.


Now you don’t.

Then wait a week.

I don’t hold out a lot of hope.  I mean, I’m serious when I do a load of darks.  I even instill the 15 minute soak before the full on heavy-beat-it-against-the-rocks wash cycle.  That way, should someone accidentally leave a living creature in a pocket, there would be no way anything would crawl up my arm as I unload the washer.

I think about these things.

I am the Laundry Maven.

I’ll let you know if it works.  In a week.

Any other technology v. H2O remedies I should know about?

17 Responses to Laundry Day

  • A friend found her i phone floating in the pool. I think it took two weeks and a change of the rice but it did eventally dry out and start working again. Hopefully that will be the case with Fiddledaddy’s i-pod as well. Good luck 🙂

  • Good luck with that. Our granddaughter put hubby I pod in the dog bowl and it did work as well, but not for very long. I hope you have a better result.

  • I dropped a phone in the toilet once- it was a most surreal slow motion action- the Nooooooooooo! as the handset twirled and swirled in the air on its way to the drink….after air drying for weeks or months- I forget which, it happily worked again. With the profits Apple has made off everything I, one would think an I-pod should be hearty enough to make it through the wash at the House of Fiddle!!!! ‘nuf said!

  • I’ve heard that rice IS the magic cure.

    We had a Nokia phone sit outside in a rain STORM for two days. I didn’t know about the rice trick. We set it by the heat vent for a day or two. The number 9 was sticky, but it worked!

  • i dropped my cell phone into a glass of water by accident-it wasn’t there very long.
    1. i did use the rice and i placed it in the car where the sunshine was the hottest -where it stayed a while. 2. i placed the phone in a sandwich bag with one of those moisture absorbing things that comes in a medicine bottle.
    3. the cell phone store even gave us a new sim card?? thing to try. if memory is correct-the old sim card is okay and being used.
    the phone works 🙂
    hoping the ipod recovers for y’all. 🙂

  • Honest truth.

    Kati did this EXACT SAME THING with my ipod a few months back. I gave it up for dead, as well as givien up my daughter for dead.

    I tossed it in a drawer, and John found it about a week later, when he was putting laundry away. (No. He is MINE AND YOU CANNOT HAVE HIM. But, I rent him out- cheap).

    No kidding- he had missed the drama of me trying to kill my oldest whilst chasing her through the house screaming from my wheelchair, so was clueless when he borrowed it and TURNED. IT. ON.

    And thanked me later when he was done with it.

    That darn thing lived.

    So. To Recap.

    Remove iPod from Washer.
    Throw dripping wet ipod into sock drawer, after narrowly missing daughter’s cranium.
    Leave for a week.

    Godspeed, m dear friend.

  • So glad to see someone else who refuses to be the pocket-checker.

  • I’d be willing to bet that the rice will do the trick. It’s worked for every soaking wet cell phone I have heard about from friends. FIVE last month alone. Apparently, we are a technology soaking world now.

    P.S. the full on heavy-beat-it-against-the-rocks wash cycle is a perfect description. Because who wouldn’t want to pull a dead creature out of their machine over a living one?

  • My worst fear.

    I’ve heard if you take the battery out and put it in rice it might work again.

  • The title of your blog caught my attention. Then I read the frist line which stated that you liked doing luandry. Ok, at that point I thought, “no way!” I can’t stand laundry day. After reading I found your blog very entertaining, well written, and I really enjoyed it. I have to go the laundry mat since I live in an apt. but I can remember the days when I had a family. There was always something interesting to find in the washer which was very old. I miss that old washer, the family and much more.

  • I’m obviously spending too much time on facebook….after the comments I keep looking for the “Like” button! 😉

    Anyhoo….will be waiting to hear how it turns out!

  • The rice may actually work, though I’d expect problems to crop up even if it does resurrect itself. My iPhone landed in 5″ of water by the curb during a storm (for about 5 seconds, but totally immersed) and the otterbox largely protected it, and I did the blow dryer/rice thing. It actually did come back a day and a half later, but the power button had some kind of short and that was fun. I’ve overheard people in cell phone stores come in with problems who, when asked, admitted the phone had taken a swim a month or so prior but didn’t have problems right away. (That was also my experience when hot soup met my laptop in high school. It pulled through, until the keyboard stopped working. An external keyboard solved the problem until the whole thing overheated, melted, and thankfully didn’t burn the house down. Lesson learned. I think my mom was so pleased I’d bought said laptop myself that she contributed a spare keyboard from work to the stopgap efforts.)

    Anyway – I’m guessing the iPod has tripped moisture sensors in the headphone jack and charging port, so an Apple employee would know the gist of what happened. :-/ (In case anyone was inclined to go to the genius bar and play dumb.) It’s a shame – maybe it’s because I’ve always had a classic iPod, but I’ve never liked the newer iPod mini square design. Buying used online is an option, but that’s always a little concerning in terms of unexpected battery life.

    Fingers crossed! (I applaud your thorough washing strategy, btw!)

  • No tech helps here, sorry. Just wanted to applaud the “no checking pockets” rule. That one is absolutely in force here. I’ve got three boys, and I am not in idiot when it comes to what they put in their pockets.

    However, today I discovered something in my washing machine that I have never before found—a plastic hanger. The clothes were already in the machine when I started it. I stopped it two minutes later because of the BANGING. Sure enough, one of those rascals put the shirt ON the hanger IN the washing machine.

    How do you do that? Hang up a dirty shirt and then decide to toss the whole thing in for good old Mom? Or pick some clean clothes out of your closet to fill up the machine so the old gal feels useful?

    Still scratching my head over that one. Oh yeah, three minutes after I cleared out the hanger I had to stop the washer again and remove a paintball CO2 cartridge. No wonder I color my hair.

  • Oy! We haven’t had that problem yet. BUT we have washed AND dried a sparkle crayon. Which resulted in a destroyed load of kid clothes. And much cleaning of the dryer drum. The hubs is notorious for not cleaning out pockets, so napkins, candy wrappers, receipts, chalk and ink pens have been washed. And dried. The last ink pen burst and now the dryer drum is stained permanently blue.

    I keep reminding him that I don’t stuff his pockets, nor do I check them before my Domestic Goddess duties commence. ~sigh~. I now do laundry according to person, so as to not lose more of my clothing to ink pen catastrophes.

    Hopefully the rice works. If not, look up someone with a hearing aid. They always have a Dri-Aid kit that could be of help drying out the iPod. 😉

  • My cell phone took a swim once and we did the rice trick. It worked, sort of. The phone would do some strange things like turn itself off occasionally. Or, worse… refuse to turn off and I’d have to pop the battery out to force it.

    For the record, I DO check pockets. Why? Because I figure if I have to do the laundry then anything I find in pockets is just a small “thank you tip” for doing it! With teens who often have more cash on hand than I do, I’ve made quite a tidy profit on some loads! Now that they are doing their own laundry, the pay is starting to dwindle.

  • Peter’s I-Pod shuffle has been through the wash and rice process and still lives to sing…”I’m a Gummy Bear”

    It’ll work!

  • I check pockets because I have to. We can’t afford to replace clothing ruined by stray ink pens. I started doing this after one ink pen ruined my favorite shirts. Besides, I keep all money that enters the laundry room hidden in pockets. Washer woman pay.