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Sardines in a can

As residents of Florida, we have a unique opportunity to purchase Disney World season passes at reasonable rates.  There are a number of options from which to chose.  You could buy the full monty, which pretty much means you can go anytime you want.  As long as the park is open.  Then for a cheaper price, you can chose options which preclude you from going during certain times of the year.  And then for an even more frugal price tag, you could get passes that limit not only certain months and weeks, but also the weekends.

We went for curtain number 3.  We’ve been saving for season passes for some time, and decided to go with the option that has black out dates during the summer, spring break, and the week between Christmas and New Years.  Weekends at Disney World are also dead to us.

Which really, who wants to go in the summer, IN FLORIDA.  And we prefer to stay away when the crowds are high (in numbers) anyway.  So the super duper frugal pass is perfect for our little family.

So, happily, we’re back to ditching the occasional school day and making the trip into Orlando to visit the happiest place on earth.  We call it a field trip.  Because justifying why I do what I do is simply a gift.

In an effort to save even more money, I’ve taken to pre-packing all of our snacks, lunch, dinner, and drinks into two portable coolers.  Which we then load onto Jensen’s stroller.

Yes, the same Jensen who is now 7, weighs 65 pounds, and is a full 4 and a half feet tall.  If he wanted to, he could fold his own ratty stroller and carry it in over his head.  While an older sister rides shotgun.

And yet, every time Fiddledaddy tries to carry it out to the curb with the rest of the trash, I haul it back into the garage.  Because it is a necessary part of our trips to Disney World.  First off, it has a beverage holder for the mother.  Secondly, it holds two coolers plus various jackets, hats, lanyards, and an industrial sized bottle of Extra-strength Excendrin.  A third bonus, it will hold a weary 7 year old when he peters out 2 miles before we get to the car.  And lastly, it acts as a very nice walker when the mother who is not all that coordinated, say, trips over her own feet.

The stroller no longer has a roof, a tray, or even the ability to strap a child into the seat.  Its occupant looks rather like the giant baby from the cartoons of my youth, wherein the intoxicated stork delivers the wrong sized child to the right sized parents.

I don’t care.  Stare at will, people.  Until I invent a stroller made for older children plus all of the crap cargo that is required for trips to places like Disney World, I’m packing it.

Another way that we decided to save a little money (and this is Fiddledaddy’s brilliant plan) is to take our 2002 Toyota Prius on this journey in lieu of our nice comfortable gas guzzling Honda Odyssey.  You know, the one with leather seating, entertainment center, and the ability to seat the children SO THAT THEY DO NOT TOUCH ONE ANOTHER.

That one.

Now this party of 5 is making the hour plus change trip into Orlando in a SARDINE CAN.  The children have no choice but to touch one another.  And since the stroller has to ride in the trunk, any other necessary cargo must ride with the passengers.

OH WHAT FUN.  The Bickering Bickerlys sat in VERY close proximity to one another both there and back.  And as luck would have it, two thirds of them are prone to car sickness.  And one of them, who shall remain nameless, likes to use bad breath as a form of weaponry.

On the bright side, if I wished, I could simply reach a hand back there and swat at anyone causing a commotion.  My arm rather resembles a fan in that manner.  Cutting down on the amount of air conditioning we may need.  Win win.

My second invention, right after the industrial sized stroller, will be that vehicular plexiglass partition which divides the parents from the peanut gallery.

As soon as the twitching subsides, I will get right on that.

15 Responses to Sardines in a can

  • The partition car has already been invented, sorry. It’s a police car and you can still buy them with the partition in place and all fabric off the back seat after the police department is done with them. Up here anyway…..

    • The great thing about that is that you can just hose out the back seat after your kids get carsick. That sounds perfect for you DeeDee!

  • True Confessions: When my 3 were younger, I could have been known to keep a long handled wooden spoon in our old Toyota van. It could reach further back than say a fanning hand. Just passing along helpful parenting advice 😐

  • A little tap on the brake will put them in reach, too. Just sayin’ 🙂
    I, too, wish for that industrial sized stroller. My babies are now 16, 14, and 11. Yet, no one can carry their own “cargo”! However, I do have one suggestion. Make it motorized like those rascal scooters, not for the children but for the weary cargo carrying mother.

  • We don’t have an old stroller, but when we go to the zoo (or any place in which I am required to walk long distances) I rent the stroller (my walker) 🙂

    We too go during the week to avoid the crowds. 🙂 The stroller holds my purse, camera case, and bag of water bottles/snacks. And, it even comes with that handy dandy seat belt, which when slipped through the handles of all of the items mentioned above is great for security. 🙂

  • Have fun at WDW! I am always so j.e.a.l.o.u.s. that you can just hop in the car and drive there (almost) any ole time you please. Even in a can. : )

  • I feel your pain…I’ve been on both sides of the plexiglass. As a tween, my newly single mother decided it would be wise to get rid of our “seating for 5000” Oldsmobile and get a teeny tiny Pontiac Sunbird. 3 kids, 1 adult do not fit well in teeny tiny! Her weapon of choice was a sandal. She was good! 😉

    As a parent, the first time the kids started in with the “he’s looking at me” I thought I was going to die laughing!!! That same comment had sounded so reasonable when I said it all those years ago! 😀 Such fun!

    Enjoy the Mouse House for us! We are currently in saving mode. Stalk out Chip n Dale and give them lots of hugs from me, they are my favorites!

  • When Rocket Man and I got married, we seriously considered buying a used limo. We could put the children in the back, roll up the glass and cruise away, oblivious to the bickering of the family that would not blend. I thought it was a great idea, but we never found one.

  • I love Disney World and hope you all enjoy your passes to the fullest! However, I cannot imagine driving 1 hour with my 3 kids in the backseat of a car, touching each other!!! They are 8, 11, and 13, and I seriously don’t think they would survive – and neither would mom or dad! 🙂 We drove to Disney from PA in November, but we have a van and everyone had their own electronic device to keep them occupied.

  • Someday you’ll get that plexiglass, DeeDee, and when you do, I hope you’re still blogging so we can hear all about it. That used police car idea is sounding SO good to me right now….

  • Have you every considered purchasing a wagon? They now come with two seats. My sister had one for a very long time and used it to haul her four and their cargo around.

  • We haven’t been to Disney in years! I miss it. When my father in law worked there as a security guard at downtown Disney we went every year. The perks were amazing! When he retired to Crawfordsville, IN, our trips ended. All that’s in Crawfordsville is a campground.
    I hope we can get to Disney again sometime, but the drive from Chicago…now that’s a haul!

  • LOL(!!!!) – I was reading through the comments, and when I got to Shiree’s, I thought it said, “Have you considered purchasing a weapon?” I was thinking, “My goodness; that’s a little extreme.” 🙂

    I love Disney World. Have a super awesome time! I hope that no one gets carsick or needs a weapon. 🙂

  • Spend the gas, save a family. Take the minivan.

  • Not gonna lie – I said out loud “are you insane?” when I read you didn’t take the van. Judging from the eye-twitch I would conclude that yes, yes you are.