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Confessions of a future heart breaker

Heart-in-sand by Fiddledeedee.net

Dinner conversation at our house can vacillate from the mundane to the truly inappropriate at any given time.  Tonight the subject de jour was amour.  I’m not sure how it began, but I’d guess that it started with a sister sibling teasing another sister sibling about a boy who tends to stare at her when she’s not looking.

Causing a good deal of blushing and hiding beneath hair and hands.  Also causing a paternal parental unit to ponder the joys of, say, gun cleaning, when future potential suitors come to call.

As the conversation lingered on her, she began picking up food with her fingers and licking them clean.  Her father ventured, “How are we ever going to get you married off with manners like that?”

To which this particular 12 year old girl announced that she was NEVER going to marry.  Fiddledaddy and I looked at one another, quickly pondering the aspect of this child living with us until she’s 35.  OH YEAH, YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED ALL RIGHT.  PICK UP YOUR FORK.

Jensen, who had been unusually quiet through all of this, stated that he really likes talking about matters of the heart, and was looking forward to marrying some day.  Like when he’s 18.  It should be noted at this point that his relationship and subsequent betrothal to E over the last two years has cooled considerably.  No longer do his potential future mother-in-law and I have to crow bar the two of them apart.  A turn of events in which I’m both happy and sad about.

Anyhoo.  Jensen was talking about a certain other little girl who liked him.  “How do you know she likes you, dude?”  “Well, she follows me around making goo-goo eyes at me.”  (I don’t know who this is, but I’m going to be keeping my ear to the ground, to be sure.)

Fiddledaddy confided to his boy that in his own youth, the girls used to chase him a good deal.  “In fact,” he waxed poetic, “one time a girl pushed me down into a box and kissed me.”  This was said with a look of both pride and a certain disdain, which Jensen took notice of.

“What’s the problem with that?”  Jensen asked incredulously.

“You wouldn’t mind getting pushed down and kissed?”

After a moments consideration, “Well, it depends on who it is.”

Spoken like a true Casanova in training.  Lord help me.

I’ve got to go find a gun to clean.

Have a fabulous weekend, my friends!

6 Responses to Confessions of a future heart breaker

  • The Lakeland Gun Show is this weekend at the Lakeland Center. I am sure there will be plenty of guns for you and Fiddledaddy to pick from. Just saying!

  • The other day my four year old saw a surveyor walking across our lawn and announced, “What a honk!” I laughed at her misunderstanding of “hunk” but was terrified at the same time for our future. Be glad we live on the opposite side of the states as I’m sure she would be chasing Jensen’s Mario overalls all around the playground. Good luck to you and Fiddledaddy!

  • When our daughter was dating, her dad made sure to ask the boy what it was before they left on the date out the door. The boy would look at his watch ( yes he wore a watch) and say 7:30 or what ever the time was. My husband then shook the boys hand very strongly saying. ” Great, mine says the same thing. So when my watch say 10:00pm, so will yours and my little girl will be home, RIGHT?” she always was home on time, if not a bit early! Feel free to use that line. It has served us well.

    • Thanks for that! We have already started to think about how to handle dating in our household and this is a great line to remember!

  • Jensen and his toilet plunger may be a bigger deterrent than any gun. Do you think that threatening with a Nerf gun holds the same power?