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Supernanny Comes to Florida


CoffeeCup by Fiddledeedee.netI did want to quickly wrap up my saga of the last week.  This morning Fiddledaddy spied me clutching a cup of coffee.  “So, you’re going back to coffee?”  He’s quick, even early in the morning.  “Yep.”  

I had gone cold turkey off my caffeine habit when I started the juice fast a little over a week ago.  I got to thinking about how wonderfully regular and all my life was when I enjoyed a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.  It seemed to get my whole day started.  In more ways than one.

Therefore, I decided to experiment with a cup of java this morning.

I am vindicated.  Everything is back to normal.  Whatever that is.

And yes, I’m speaking in code.


Every once in a while Fiddledaddy and I will tune into the show Supernanny, just to feel a little bit better about our own parenting skills.  We also surround ourselves with friends who can usually top us with a “well my child set the church on fire” kind of story.   It levels the playing field.

Interestingly, one such family forwarded an email sent from another such family friend, informing us that Supernanny was coming to Florida and looking for troubled families to film.

Frankly, I think we’d be perfect.  However, we’re all far too vain to allow all of our many foibles and dirty linen to be aired on nationwide television.  In fact, one of our children who is by far the loudest of us all, is the most quiet and sweet mannered angel in public.  No one would ever believe that she has a fiery temper, that is often taken out on my innocent Fiesta Ware.

The other evening something or someone crossed her and I entered the kitchen and posed the question, “Why is she angry at my dishes?”

The rest of us are really no better.  Everyone in the family, with the exception of Jensen who is not in possession of any type of filter, can put on a brave front when out among the masses.  So I don’t think the show would really want us since we would never allow them to catch us at our worst.

But just in case you live in the Florida area, and believe that your family might be perfect for the show Supernanny, here is the casting information:

 *America’s Super Nanny is Coming to Florida!!*

Super Nanny is here to help families in Florida out!! Please let us know how Super Nanny can help you!!

What we are looking for:

– Families that feel they are at their wit’s end when it comes to dealing with their children.  When you ask if they think they could use the Supernanny’s help!!

– Kids that are out of control, parents don’t have/know the right parenting techniques,

– Families with 3 or more kids. They MUST have 2 kids at the very least!!  Would love to see families with Kids 10-13 years too!!

America’s Super Nanny is here to help you out!!

Email the following Information! Don’t leave anything off!!! *Give us LOTS  OF DETAILS, IT BETTERS YOUR CHANCE OF GETTING PICKED BY PRODUCERS!*

1) Give us a paragraph on How Super Nanny can help you!

2) Give us a paragraph about each of your kids. (Include age and names)

3) Send us

  •  Phone Number
  •  Mom and Dad’s Name
  •  Email address
  •  a Family picture (or multiple ones)

Email to Realityseries@reelkasting.com

Break a leg!  (Theatre speak for good luck, which really makes no sense at all now that I think about it after all of these years and now inexplicably I want to knock on wood.)

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