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The Juice Fast – Day 1

My other working title is, “24 Hours in Hell”.

I began Saturday, the 1st day of the juice fast, like any other day.  Except that I sat stoically in my chair sipping a mug of hot water, sweetened with Stevia and a little lemon.

In lieu of caffeine.

I really had planned on weening myself off of my beloved caffeine, but, well, I did okay for a couple of days and then went right back to my usual caffeine consumption of one LARGE cup of coffee, followed by my much loved frozen coffee drink later in the morning.

The only way I’ve ever been able to drop caffeine is to do it cold turkey.

Which is what I did on Saturday.  I had my first juice of the day at 8:00, wherein I consumed lime, 2 apples, some pineapple, cucumber, avocado, wheat grass, spirulina, and a nice little probiotic.  All of the vegetables and fruits were first juiced, then I added the juice to my Vita-Mix with the avocado, wheat grass powder, probiotic, spirulina, and some ice cubes.  It was tasty, I have to admit.

At 11 am, I consumed another juice.

By noon I had a full on caffeine withdrawal headache.  Mixed I think with some toxins that were released.  I was and am, very toxic indeed.

Somewhere around the 5:00 hour, and after a couple of more juices, I went to bed.  To await death.  Which I prayed would come swiftly.

I was so nauseous that I couldn’t consume the requisite 8:00 pm juice.  When Fiddledaddy tried to coax me into drinking, I threatened to blow fruity vegetable chunks all over him.

Being the smart man that he is, he left me well alone.  To die.

I rejoined the world at about 10 pm, tearing up my hastily put together last will and testament.  The nausea had subdued and the headache was simply dull.

I knew I was going to live.

One thing I wanted to mention about Day 1 is that Jensen took a gander at one of the juices we had to drink (Fiddledaddy is doing this with me) and asked if he could try it.  Remember, this is the kid that wouldn’t get within 20 feet of a green bean.  He took a sip, declared it delicious, and promptly polished it off.  So in essence, we were able to get the following into my vegetable/fruit phobic son in one fell swoop:  2 apples, chunk of carrot, 1/2 stick of celery, large handful of mixed greens, chunk of cucumber, broccoli stem, alfalfa sprouts, raw beetroot, zucchini, lemon, and ginger.

I hope not to dissuade anyone from trying this.  I suspect that my reaction was severe because I have an abundance of toxins to clean out, mostly due to my fight with Lyme Disease.  And because I am a tad dramatic.  GO BIG OR GO HOME.

I am awfully glad that I read Jason Vale’s book through, because he goes into a lot of the mental preparation that is needed.  YOUR MENTAL OUTLOOK IS KEY TO SUCCESS.

Day 2 was much better.  I’ll talk about that tomorrow.

I have a number of friends, both real and cyber, who are doing this with me.  A number are contemplating.  I can’t wait to hear your progress!  And also, if you use Jason Vale’s program, he has an app that you can buy for your iPhone or iPad which actually shows him making the juices, day by day.  He also gives you a nice little pep talk, in his British accent, wherein he doesn’t mince his very colorful words.  Love him.

He inspired me so much that I’ve taken to speaking in a British accent.  I find you can get away with so much more.

Bottoms up!

12 Responses to The Juice Fast – Day 1

  • ah, the juice fast.
    I find the idea intriguing. . .except juice makes me naseous, and I go batty if I can’t crunch and munch my food.

    However, I’m cheering you on, in an effort to live vicariously through you (whilst still retaining the ability to munch on popcorn).

    Oh, and it’s awesome you were able to get so much into Jensen.

  • Juicing intrigues me. Been thinking on doing this myself. Being a “non-waste” person, what’s stopping me is all the pulp. What do you do with all that pulp from juicing for so many days?

    • Holly, sadly I throw it away. I wished I could use it to compost with, but I don’t have that in place yet. When we had Mater, he would eat the pulp. 🙂 I’ve heard people can dehydrate it as well. I really should look into some good uses for it.

      • Oh! Idea, idea! Hadn’t thought of dehydrating. I suppose one could dehydrate it, grind it into powder and add it to smoothies or mixes, yes? I wonder if it would make a decent fruit/veggie leather too? I think I’m one step closer to actually doing this juicing stint. Thanks.

      • I found a recipe online yesterday for vegetable pulp crackers. I’ve heard you can put a simple merangue on the fruit pulp and bake it for a dessert. Right now, I’m bringing mine to the chef at work for his compost. I intend to make the crackers at some point.

      • I’ve got to find this recipe!!!

  • I have a friend who juices, and she tends to use her pulp in baking…like zucchini bread, and such. If it is a fruit only juice, then she has been known to use the pulp in cakes and cookies. Just sayin’…

    Around here, hubby juices instead of consuming massive quantities of anti-inflammatories and growing an ulcer. We have not been saving our pulp for other uses…yet.

    Glad to know you survived day one. Definitely a check in the win column! Keep it up. Proud of you!

  • Just ordered the book!

  • I’ve not jumped on the juicing wagon just yet, however because I too like to put myself through the wringer decided to start counting calories and trying to lose 15 pounds. I’m pretty sure that can only help with ANY issues I have. At this point I think I could eat the table and I’m crabby…to say the least.
    I’m curious. How do you handle cooking for your kids? At least your husband is doing the juice things with you!

    • Lisa, I’m keeping it simple for the kids. And mostly easy tried and true recipes that I don’t have to taste test!

  • Having done a few of these, I SO applaud you!! The first few days, especially, can be hard. I’ve been out of touch (southern California, again, the past week and a half), so will try to go back and find out how long you’ll be doing this.

    • So I bought this jiucer from walmart back in June 2007 for only $45. I used it daily since. Love this jiucer. I got it for my own health, but ended up getting my kid hooked as well Well, today it stopped working. The motor broke, and the rubber started smoking right in the middle of carrot/lettuce/beet juice I was disappointed to see the price go up so much, because I really wanted the same one. But 3 years of daily use, I’d say thats pretty good for an inexpensive jiucer. Would recommend this to anyone.