Juicing Update

Thank you for all of your encouragement about my upcoming juice fast.  Which, as I’ve learned, isn’t really a fast at all, since I will be taking in plenty of nutrients through fruits and vegetables by either juicing them or making smoothies via my Vita-Mix.  And no, I won’t be tossing in any Oreos, hoping no one will notice.  Although it did cross my feeble mind.

I’ve recently learned is that a true fast is where you only drink water.  I don’t think I would do well on a fast.

What I’m about to attempt is a 7 day detox.  I’m reading through Jason Vale’s The Juice Master Diet.  He’s the first to tell you that he hates using the word “diet” in any title because it can be misleading.  Weight loss usually occurs as a happy byproduct.  But the reason for doing this is to detoxify, getting all of the garbage out of the way, allowing your own body to heal itself.  As our bodies were made to wonderfully do.

He clearly warns that you must read the book cover to cover before starting so that you understand all the hows and whys of the program.  This will help to ensure success.  I’m nearly half way through the book, and have been substituting one juice or smoothie for a meal each day.  I’m not completely off of caffeine yet, but I’m cutting back.  And no one has had to die needlessly.  I thought I should mention that.

After the initial 7 days, I’ll reassess to see if I need to continue taking in only fruit/vegetable juices.  I don’t know of any other chronic Lyme Disease patient that has tried something like this to kick start their immune system.  But I’m still looking.

Another thing that I will likely do is hit the pause button on all of my antibiotics and herbal medications for the 7 days.  Many of these must be taken with food. I’ve tried taking my pills along with a substituted juice meal, but end up with pretty significant nausea.

And of course I’m not going to do this without my doctor’s supervision.

So there’s the update.  I’ve had a few friends step up to the dinner plate and they’ve told me they’ll do the program with me.  WOOHOO.  I hope to start this next weekend.  We have friends coming into town, so I’ll likely wait until they leave.  Just in case I’m, you know, crazy cranky.

Not that you can really tell the difference.

Thanks again for all of your sweet encouraging comments and e-mails!  I’ll be charting my misery progress when I begin, and of course I’ll share all of my favorite juice recipes.

8 Responses to Juicing Update

  • My sister has chronic Lyme and she did the juice thing for a while. I think it made a difference. She has written you before; I’ll ask her to stop in and give you her thoughts.

  • I would HIGHLY recommend watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – about a man from Australia and a trucker from the US getting rid their auto-immune disease through juice fasting. NetFlix has it online. It will really encourage you!

    • Nancy,

      That’s what really started this ball rolling. LOVED that documentary. Highly motivational!!!


  • Praying this helps you. And no bloodshed in the process 🙂

  • I’ve been thinking I need to do the same thing for to see if I can give my digestive system a rest. The dr can’t seem to figure out why my intestines are red and inflamed. I’m would give up eating, but you know, I LIKE food. I really think juicing for 7 days would help. I’m so not disciplined though, and I don’t even have a juicer. Just thinking aloud here. Good luck! I look forward to hearing some of your recipes.

  • You so can do this!! I personally can’t as I fear I would totally kill off all my people and then clap when they showed me the padded cell. But you! You, mah sistah from another mistah, can so do this! Want proof? Scroll back through old blog posts and just take a look at what all you have endured AND SURVIVED! You’re still here, still kicking, and still sassy. And currently frog free I might add. This? Total walk in the park. 😉

  • Well there. I am mightily impressed with your gumption. And the fact that FD feels safe enough to keep the kiddos within the same zip code for the next 7. That offer of free refuge is still open, so he knows…

    I have been without the computer for just over 24 hours, as the laptop decided to up and die, or so I thought. After John’s pried the thing from my cold, nearly dead and stiffened fingers this morning to take to the shop, I did the best thing for everyone. I slept until 7pm. John thinks that the whole sleep thing was caused by a dialysis screw up we managed to where the toxins built up to a level where 1) I literally could not lift my arms- at all or love my legs and 2) I could not mentally function (as in I had no clue who either he or Jonathan were, and why they were trying to sit me up in bed to get in the sling to move me to the dialysis chair).

    But me? I think it was the computer going dead on me.

    Now it is up, I can check in on my favorite frog-avoiding-lyme-combatting-juice-fasting SUPER HERO!

    (And I think the frogs are just in lurking mode).

    I am incredibly proud of you, D2. I do not know if I could do it. And I think you are on to something. And still think I could not do it.

    I want to be you when I grow up.


  • (Hey, between you and me- you said “no one has had to die needlessly”. Does that mean some died for a cause?e