The Search for the Elusive Cowboy

“Mom, are there cowboys in Texas?” my son asked when he learned of an eminent trip to San Antonio to visit my Dad and Step-Mom.  “Sure, dude.”  The last time I visited I went alone, and the children begged me to send photographic evidence that cowboys really do exist.

This was the best I could come up with.

Courtesy of the local Jim’s Steakhouse & Ammo Shop.

I haven’t taken my kids home for a visit since Jensen was 6 months old.  They are beside themselves with anticipation.  As are the grandparents.

I’m going to take a nice extended weekend to bask in the glow of going home again.  I’ll post when possible, and we’ll see if I’m really able to work on-the-go with my iPad.  Which I now understand as of today, is obsolete.  According to Fiddledaddy.  Ever since the new iPad was released.  But whatever.  I refuse to move on from my Peter, Paul, & Mary L.P.  Vinyl is bound to make a comeback.

And btw, Fiddledaddy is campaigning for the new iPad.  I reminded him that I sold my grandfather’s teeth to finance mine, and am wondering what he might see fit to hock.

I’ll send pictures of cowboys as I find them.

Yeehaw.  Y’all.

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