Nobody nose the trouble I’ve seen

A while back I wrote of my pilgrimage to the dermatologist office for the yearly connecting of the dots.  It was discovered that I have precancerous spots on my nose.  Thanks in part to my Irish genes and Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil which I used in my impetuous youth as a tanning agent.

I never did tan.  But my freckles appeared more prominent, giving me the appearance of color.  Crimson was not the desired pigment.  Nevertheless.  Hope sprang eternal.

After frying off some other spots on parts of my being using a soldering iron, the dermatologist calmed my fears by telling me that I could use an innocuous cream on my nose.  For 3 weeks.  She said that my nose would likely redden a bit, and some scabbing could occur.  But I was told to use a hydrocortisone cream to calm the inflammation.  I immediately asked her if I could apply make-up over the reddened nose because I AM NOT VAIN AT ALL.

Dutifully I began applying the cancer cream to my nose.  By day 3 I arose and was greeted by my son, “MOM, WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE A CLOWN?”  Not even kidding.  I rushed to the bathroom mirror.  What greeted me could only be described an a VERY ANGRY NOSE.  And then I noticed the pain.

I was relieved at the prospect of being able to use hydrocortisone and subsequent makeup, but was not warned that in doing so, I would be subjecting myself to ALL THE STINGING.  And the fact that I’d have to actually, you know, TOUCH my nose.  I have not even been able to wear my reading glasses for any length of time.  Which may or may not account for any grammatical and spelling errors.

And please don’t think I let this stop me from applying makeup.  As Fiddledaddy observed, “You look like you’re wearing 4 inches of powder.”

“What’s yer point?”

At the insistence of Fiddledaddy (who can only take so much of my whining and complaining), I phoned the Dermatologist’s office and have asked for a different treatment option.  I was told that I might be extra sensitive to the medication (YA THINK???) and to stop applying the cream and let my nose calm down.  I’ll be seeing the doctor in the next two weeks to discuss my options.  And for the record, as of now I’m not opposed to amputation.

I stopped the medication nearly a week ago and my nose is still quite angry.  Which is evident because of ALL THE SCABBING.  Which just makes the red even more pronounced.

When he learned that my nose was to be post-centric, since it’s really all I can think about because THERE IT IS ON MY FACE, he suggested that I take photographic evidence.

Which I have.

I look rather good in a hat.

Of course, my other option is the old standby profile picture.

Either way, I’ve never looked better.

3 Responses to Nobody nose the trouble I’ve seen

  • My dad had some places removed off of his face and was given the same cream. It didn’t seem to be helping. We found a supplement that he purchased and rubbed on his face instead. Within a month, he went back to the doctor and the dermatologist demanded to know what he’d been doing. His skin looked better than ever. The supplement is called Cataplex F and it’s made by Standard Process. If you buy it in the gel capsule, you can poke a hole in it and smear it on your face. It’s basically flax seed oil, which has the right fatty acids your skin needs to protect itself. God designed our skin to protect us from the sun but over time, our American diets have sort of depleted us. If you’re taking good Vitamin D and a good flax seed oil, then the Vitamin D can transport the fatty acids to the skin where they need to go. We actually use cataplex D in place of sunscreen. I know that’s crazy sounding, but if you take enough of it, it really will work. No crazy toxins on my kids’ skin or mine. If you’re going to the beach or something, bulk up a little, adding some extra pills and on the week you’re there, take six to eight a day. The tablets are cheaper so if you aren’t using them directly on your skin, you can always use those. We just buy a big thing of them and use them all year. You can also rub the capsules on sunburn and it will heal faster and better.

    Sorry for the novel. Good luck!

  • I don’t know how my husband did it for 4 weeks – it was awful. He had to put that cream on every night on his already burning face. Honestly, I just think it is easier for men. The only thing his dermatologist told him he could apply to it was a moisturizer – I think perhaps Eucerin or something like that. There were quite a few times when i didn’t think he was going to make it. It did do the trick in the end and removed every single spot. His face is smooth as a baby’s behind. Let’s face it, after all you’ve been through, plus full time mom to 3 kids, I don’t think I could take a burning nose right now either!