The Birthday Cake

My boy celebrated 7 years on this earth on Thursday.  And because he’s still enamored with All Things Dog, I made him a dog-centric albeit gluten-free cake.

I may have slightly stepped over the lines of what most would consider appropriate.  It’s hard to be sure.

I’ll let you be the judge.

(Not to worry, those are really milk chocolate morsels.)

Jensen, at first horrified, soon got into the spirit of the whole thing, and asked to eat the dog poop.  His friends were awestruck by the cake.  Fortunately, their mothers all acknowledge and understand my brand of crazy.

My work here is finished…

Happy Birthday, my wild and crazy 7 year old.

6 Responses to The Birthday Cake

  • There is something wrong with that? I applaude your realistic touch!

    My older brother finds it necessary, while hunting in the woods, to text me pictures of skat (you know, forest poo). Tells me who it belongs to and even what it ate. Yeah…..I was found under a cabbage leaf………..I can’t be related!!! Hahahaha. 🙂

  • LOL… love it!! 🙂 Happy Birthday to Jensen. 🙂

  • You are an amazing mom! Hope his day was great!

  • I think the yellow snow is one step too far, lol. OH, my bad–that’s the grass, isn’t it? Just kidding. Happy Birthday to Jensen.

  • THIS is why I think we would be great IRL friends, DeeDee! I used to get in trouble every year at my BFF’s Christmas cookie decorating party for things like the inappropriate use of brown sprinkles on the animal cookies… 😉

    Happy Birthday to your little doggie. I love the cake!