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Some early thoughts about the top 24

I’ve had a rough couple of days, while dealing with some issues related to my Lyme Disease.  Issues that I’m praying are strictly related to what is called Lyme die-off, and not a resurgence of the disease.  Since my two tests (CD57 and the Ca4) came back no where even in the ballpark of someone who is out of the woods, my protocol changed, and so my hope is that I’m experiencing a Herx Effect.

Some of those symptoms include joint pain, pain when walking, tired, and pretty much feeling like someone is sitting on me.

Which sometimes they are.  Like today when two of my children realized I wasn’t feeling well, and they came and sat on me.  A touching moment.  Painful.  But touching.

Since all of this kind of comes and goes, I really feel like it’s the Lyme Disease fighting back, but I still have the upper hand.

All this to say I’ve been cutting myself a good deal of slack by sitting on the couch.  Catching up with my friend the TV, watching some of my favorite shows.

I have allowed myself to follow the American Idol experience more closely this year.  Especially since I have grown very fond of the judging trio.  This is a nurturing group that genuinely seems to want these kids to succeed.  In years past, I’ve avoided the early shows because of all the mean spiritedness.  From the guy in the white t-shirt.  Who I must admit, I miss from time to time.

Not enough to watch his new show.  But still.

Tonight I watched the judges whittle the contestants down to the top 24.  Since this is only the first night of the whittling, only 13 have been selected thus far.  And I am absolutely tickled for the early front runners.

There is one guy that Fiddledaddy and I are particularly rooting for.  That would be the Asian singer, Heejun Han.  He has been the nervous Nellie who shakes his arms when on edge, but delivers amazing vocals.  I’ve fallen in love not only with his voice, but with his personality.  AND he works with disabled kids.  He could honestly go into standup if the whole singing thing doesn’t work out.  His banter with the Cowboy during group week was priceless.  And let me just say that I hope the screen door didn’t hit Cowboy on the backside of his Wranglers on the way out.

That’s the snarkiest thing I’m going to say all season.  Pinky swear.

I can’t wait to see how Heejun grows in the next weeks or months.  Also, another frontrunner that I see going an awfully long way is little Jessica Sanchez.  She’s only 16 and has such a mature presence onstage.  Her last solo blew me away.  She’s Disney princess material.

That’s the only early predictions I’m up for so far.  In years past I have been reluctant to declare an early winner because when judging any type of singing, I AM CLEARLY OUT OF MY ELEMENT.

As my husband will attest as he stands next to me during worship in church, “Just pick a key, ANY key.”

So, are you watching this season?  Who stands out for you this early in the game?

3 Responses to Some early thoughts about the top 24

  • So sorry, that you’re not feeling well. I’ll be praying for complete health and strength to be restored.

    On the IA front, my husband and I also have fallen in love with Heejun (sp). If he doesn’t work out in IA, he so should have a sitcom place somewhere. He is awesome! Love the spirit about him. He’s so quirky and funny.

    I love the Married/Father that they ended with last night, who is really the only one that I saw after getting home from church. I’ve not had time to watch the DVR yet. I sure hope he stays! He’s probably my favorite at this point. Only time will tell, how that changes.

  • I LOVE HEEJUN!!! He is so funny. He brings me such joy. I am really rooting for him. I also love the young “Reba” girl. I think she is adorable. That Jessica Sanchez is so amazing. I always have to look at my husband to see if I am hearing correctly. I too cant sing a note but my husband is the worship leader at church. He is so amazing. When he sings, you can’t help but cry and feel so close to the Lord. I told him he should try out for Idol but he was right when he said that is not were he feels God is leading him. I just love to show him off. So, if you want to, you can hear him sing. This was at a skatefest that is held for a way to reach the young kids. It is alot of fun and the guy who puts it together does an amazing job. The video isn’t great but you hopefully will still enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/user/chunkeypautomus
    Any way, I will pray for you. I am so sorry to hear you are struggling. I know exactly how you feel so I hurt for you. It is such a blessing to have your children around you. I love that at my sickest, I still was able to homeschool them. It kept my mind focused on something special. It was done from my bed but hey, it was still accomplished.
    I am still very sick too. Pregnancy did not agree with my body. My new daughter is now 5 weeks and I am just now starting to function again. I got so lonely in my bedroom so my wonderful husband put a bed in the livingroom and set up all my meds and baby stuff next to my bed. God is so good. He gave me the blessing of a wonderful man.

  • Could not stop laughing with Heejun. My favorite line was after they made it through group round and he fessed up to the cowboy: “I talk lots of craps about Richie. I apologize to his parents.” Oh my word, I love him.
    Reed Grimm used to be in a band here in town, so we’re really rooting for him. I always like the contestants who you have no idea how they’re going to do the song before they start. I get that from Reed. I get kind of bored with the ones where it’s always a well done ballad.
    It’s nice to have a good distraction when you’re not feeling well. Hope you’re doing better this week.