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Throwing your siblings under the bus

I had an unusual Saturday in that I was able to spend the day with my boy alone.  The older sisters attended an engineering workshop that lasted most of the day.  Therein they were able to learn how to make a duct tape purse.  Which is handy since they are no stranger to duct tape, as we believe that most household maladies can be fixed with a role of brightly colored duct tape.

And now duct tape is a fashion accessory.

They also took classes on roller coaster design, the making of blush, and were able to bring home contraptions that buzz, bing, and twirl when wires are crossed then connected to a battery.

More stuff to dust.  And trip over.

Anyhoo.  On Saturday, my house was oddly and wonderfully peaceful.  It is amazing to me that Jensen, who generally screams and screeches all day, spent good sums of time sitting quietly working on various projects around the house.

Leading me to believe that the sisters may be the catalyst to his fiery temperament.

This suspicion was confirmed when Jensen and I were running errands during our mommy/son date.  We stopped in one of my favorite thrift stores.  It is attached to a church, and no one under the age of 80 either works there, or frequents the place.

This is the same thrift store that I vowed some time ago never to grace again when Jensen had a SPECTACULAR meltdown during peak shopping hours.  Luckily, on Saturday it was manned by an entirely different crew.

We were in search of the perfect coffee table that I desire for the family room, but instead found ourselves at the checkout counter holding only a cross-stitch pattern and loop.  My MIL has taught the girls to cross-stitch, and it is their new obsession.

While waiting our turn, Jensen turned to me, “We didn’t find a coffee table, did we Mom?”  

“No, dude, but we did get a couple of nice things for your sisters!”

At this point the sweet elderly lady behind the counter brightly asked Jensen, “So how many sisters do you have?”

Jensen straightened up to his full 6 year old height, “I have two sisters, but they are REALLY MEAN TO ME!”  Extra emphasis on the REALLY and the MEAN.

This drew a few chuckles, and another employee handed him 3 packages of brand new silly bands.  She explained that one was for him, and the other two for the sisters, in hopes that they would be nicer to this small boy.

It was a sweet gesture.

Later in the day just before the sisters arrived back home, I spotted Jensen adorned on both arms with THREE packages of silly bands.

When I questioned him, he stated plainly that he decided the sisters didn’t deserve them.

And there you have it.

Happy Monday.

3 Responses to Throwing your siblings under the bus

  • Quite an eye opener. Sounds like Jensen deserves one day a week to be spent with just you or Fiddledad, no sisters anywhere in sight.

  • Funny how kids behave so differently when the siblings are no where around.

  • Haha…I’m not sure when the friendship kicks in, but my 3 girls (13,16,&17) have been going at it for days! I blame hormones and winter. We really need spring to arrive in Chicagand!