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I’m not a fan of Valentines Day.

There.  I’ve said it.

Perhaps it’s because some of my most spectacular break-ups in my impetuous youth happened on Valentines Day.  Although, V.D. was redeemed when Fiddledaddy actually proposed on February 14th, a hundred years ago.

But still.

Fiddledaddy is a romantic sort who loves nothing more than to buy me flowers and pretty much my hearts desire.  Surprisingly though, he found himself married to a girl who does not care for flowers because they will only die and a girl who has no real use for jewelry.

This limits the gift giving field considerably come Valentines Day.  Chocolate is always a good standby, but then he’ll have to endure my chocolate induced pimple rant that follows a week or so later.  Although the momentary pleasure is totally worth it.  For me, anyway.

I think he’s hit on the perfect gift for me this year.  He took Cailey out shopping for my Valentines gift.  When she arrived home, I immediately set about the task of interrogating her.  It is a well known fact that she will fold like a deck of cards under pressure.  She cannot keep a secret.

This is the reason we have to keep slap a hand over her mouth around younger cousins and friends when talk of Santa Claus, Tooth Fairies, and/or sex enters the fray.

I just got right to the point.  “So, what am I getting for Valentines Day.”

“Well.  Nothing really.  I mean he hasn’t bought the coffee pot yet.”


I’ve been dropping some major hints that I want a REAL coffee pot.  Hints such as taking out a small loan to fund my McDonald’s coffee run almost every single day.  My own coffee making skills have been greatly taxed and even though I buy the best coffee I’ve found (Dunkin’ Donuts), my coffee tastes like dirty rain water.

I’m blaming it on the $19.99 Mr. Coffee Maker that sits under my kitchen counter.  Because it cannot possibly be ME.

After he learned that Cailey spilled the coffee beans, he admitted that he is shopping around for the perfect pot.  He asked for my input.  So, I’m looking at a Cuisinart, because it has gotten the best reviews.  And as a bonus, it’s under the all important $100 mark.  In fact, it’s closer to the $60 ish mark, and with a 20% Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon, well, BINGO.

But of course, I make no major life decisions without first taking it to you all.

Do you have a coffee pot that makes a most excellent cup of coffee?

(I’ve also learned that Fiddledaddy plans to fill my new coffee pot when purchased with a bag full of Almond Joys that he purchased while out shopping with the resident Narc.)  The man does know my love language.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

23 Responses to V.D.

  • Um, the only one we have ever used is a $9.99 model from Walmart! My husband is the coffee drinker and he likes to pride himself that when he enters the kitchen he is the pro because he practices to get it just right. EIIIEiii.
    So I guess the point is that I am no help.
    Happy VD!

  • I had a Bunn and loved it. Then I tried a cup of coffee from a Keurig and had to have one. I bought a Keurig last November and haven’t regretted it since. I love that I can get different kinds and flavors. My favorite is Green Mountain’s Breakfast Blend.

  • My hubby has always liked the Bunn. It makes coffee in a split second. However when the last one went bad, I didn’t want to drop $100.00 on a coffee pot. I went to wal-mart and got a GE for $40.00. I love it and would get another one just like it if something happened to it. I am a coffee addict.

  • Yes Cuisinart. I use mine daily and love the coffee it brews. Mr. Coffee makes the best coffee taste bitter. I’ve also had a Bunn which I loved.

  • What? Coffee? What happened to the Chocovine? That seems like the perfect VDay gift for you. Doesn’t Fiddledaddy know and love you like we do???

  • Cuisinart Grind-n-Brew with a permanent gold filter…

    You can brew with whole beans or hit a button to disable the grind cycle and brew fresh ground spooned into the filter basket. The gold filter is key because there’s no paper filter element to add any extraneous tastes to the brew…

  • I have the best coffee maker in the world. Lots of people adore it. I let Starbucks use it.

  • I second the Keurig/K-cup recommendation. We’ve had two so far, and I no longer have to help my husband search for the perfect blend of coffee beans, the k-cups make it right every time. More expensive than a “normal” coffee habit, but it’d still be cheaper than McDonalds. Our latest K-cup machine is the cuisinart, which also produces hot water on demand and therefore makes oatmeal in a snap.

  • Best coffee from our house is made by Hubby in our $10.00 pot we got at Big Lots. Sorry, he is not for sale.

  • I have a Krups (this one, if you’re interested): http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=14054243&RN=2387&

    I love it! It keeps coffee hot for a long time because of the insulated pot, and it’s really easy to use. Also, I’d recommend getting one of those reusable coffee filters (something like this, you can get it from Walmart): http://i-cdn.apartmenttherapy.com/uimages/kitchen/2008_08_26-coffeefilter.jpg

    Maybe I’m just lazy, but we can pretend I’m environmentally friendly. A quick rinse and that filter is ready for the next batch!

  • ONE WORD…. K CUPS!!!! You will not be sorry and you can order them in bulk. YAY!!! I love mine. So now I have to go have a cup of coffee…

  • We had a Cuisinart Grind and Brew. I loved it… until it broke. Probably my fault ~ not the awesome coffee maker’s! Oh how I miss it. I then inherited a Senseo 1-cup maker and loved it as well…. until I can no longer find the packs it takes to brew. I am now using my back-up Mr. Coffee. I’m happy with that. For now.

  • Bunn, hands down, the one with the water resvoior, makes 10 cups of coffee in under 3 min. I also have the keurig that I use only when I’m the only one who wants coffee, but find it a bit pricey to buy the K-cups.

  • You can eat the Ghirardelli chocolate bars and be zit-free: http://ghirardelli.com/products/chocbars_intense.aspx I believe it’s because they are a higher grade of chocolate, meaning, less of the waxy emulsifier stuff that is the true cause of the pimples (and not the chocolate).

    I’ve been using this Cuisinart (daily) (sometimes twice a day) for a year and it’s still going strong: http://amzn.com/B000MTMP2K

  • Keurig k-cups, the Donut Shoppe kind. It is worth every single penny. Best coffee in the world, and Dunkin’ Donuts is my favorite. Plus, you always get a hot, fresh cup.

    I would save it in a fire.

  • We have two…Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m a coffee addict…coffee pots. We a Hamilton Beech brewstation that we make a pot of DD coffee in for the morning. The Keurig is for afternoons and evenings when a cup of decaf is needed. For the record the Keurig is great for camping also 😉

  • Cuisinart – this is the one I have – http://www.cuisinartwebstore.com/detail/CUI+DCC1200.

    A couple words – I did not do much shopping around. Cuisinart’s site is cheaper than Kohl’s which is where I bought mine and “thought” I was getting a deal. I was getting a deal alright! (don’t get me sidetracked on a Kohl’s rant – dh is convinced they’re overpriced so I think I’m getting a bargain with coupons, sales and Kohl’s cash!).

    We grind our own beans and this pot makes a delicious cup every single time whether I want 12 cups or just 4 for myself (equivalent of approximately 2 cups if you use a big mug….which I do). I go to bed thinking about that first cup of coffee. Wish I was kidding!

    Here’s my quandry. I have a rather significant b-day coming up on Saturday. As in big. A sweet friend is way more excited about this birthday than I am and sent me home with a brand new Keurig Signature coffeepot yesterday. Here’s the thing – I don’t want it. I just bought a brand new Cuisinart three weeks ago after the last one died a hasty death after faithful years of service. Also, we like to use fresh ground beans – not stuff in a plastic container. Plus, countertop real estate. Need I say more?

    I’m trying to figure out how to graciously and sweetly say thanks, but no thanks without seeming ungrateful and mean.

    What would you do, Dear DeeDee?

    • I would keep your Keurig for when you have company or are hosting a party – it is nice to be able to have your own individual taste of coffee in a single cup (I can have french vanilla flavor, my dad can have “wake the dead” black roast, my daughter can have tea) I love the flexibility of the Keurig for that reason!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE my Keurig! 🙂

  • Keurig for sure……….any flavor you can imagine, even hot chocolate and various teas………….so worth the price of the coffee pot and the K-Cups……perfect cup every time.

  • I am late in piping in here but I ADORE my Keurig. We bought ours from Costco because they have such an amazing return policy. I will say that Keurig are known to have some issues BUT their customer service is AMAZING! I have not regretting buying it AT ALL. I love the super easy clean up of it, I love that I can choose a different flavor every day (they now sell Dunkin Donuts Kcups at Dunkin Donuts).

  • Keurig… LOVE LOVE LOVE. but go for the platinum versions. everyone i know that has tried to get the cheap one to start has decided to upgrade!! 🙂 You aren’t going to meet your $100 mark, but try ebay and you might even get some samples to go along with the machine.

  • We have a Kuerig at our house that we got during Christmas time. We also bought the K-cup refillable cup to brew whatever we have in beans/grounds that we want. It can be bought at BBBeyond and has a filter that you put in whatever coffee you have and then rinse it for the next flavor when your done. This is great if you don’t want to by the K-cups and it cost less than those. you can buy your bulk coffee flavors as you want. Love it!