We all know what that I’m technologically challenged, while my husband is on the cutting edge of everything involving computers and scientific knowledge.  I am the yin to his yang.

I am often on the receiving end to his discovery of vast sums of knowledge as he sends me countless articles on everything from the latest technological advancement to medical warnings and breakthroughs.

When quizzed what I thought about such and such article, I have one of two responses.  Either a blank stare, or I simply state, “I didn’t get such an article.”

“Why not, I’m sure that I sent it to you.”

“I blocked your e-mail address.”

I prefer to live under the “ignorance is bliss” mode of muddling through life’s obstacles.

It’s my best coping skill.


It’s an inside joke around here whenever Fiddledaddy discovers a new app for his computer/iPhone/whathaveyou.  Because honestly, he has an app for EVERY emergency you can ponder.

Perhaps my favorite was his light saber app, which he vehemently denies still having.  However, I’ve heard the unmistakable sound of light saber cutting through thin air when he’s locked away in his office (double air quotes) working.  He has other notable apps such as a flashlight app, a compass app, and a handy GPS app that gently helps him navigate his way around the state.  Without the shrill and chastising voice of our old car GPS system.  May she rest in pieces on the side of the road somewhere between here and Orlando.

There are others, but I think those are actually the most useful.  As far as I’m concerned.

The intellectual importance of the latest apps for my own self really does elude me.  Except of course for an app called iPeriod.  Which pretty much does what you think it does.  It helps me keep track of my menses.  Which by the way, IS BACK.  WITH A VENGEANCE.  COMPLETE WITH CRAMPS THAT WOULD KILL ANY MAN.  AND THE ALL IMPORTANT MENSTRUAL MIGRAINES.  (This should explain my absence of late.)

My body was fooling me into thinking that menopause was at hand. And that I was going to have an easy time of it all.  Further proof that God does have a sense of humor.

So.  Where was I?  APPS.  Focus.  Over the weekend I opened up my blog to clean out pesky spam, and I discovered that Fiddledaddy created an app for, well, me.  That’s the business at the top of my left sidebar.  We’ll just file this under “what he does when he has far too much time on his hands.”

Why anyone would need a Fiddledeedee app, is beyond me.  It’s not like I have errant birds catapulting through the air aimed at pesky pig heads.  NOW THAT’S AN APP WORTH HAVING. (Closet Angry Birds fan alert.)  There are also no tiles with which to form 72 point words in the ultimate game of man verses machine.  So I don’t really see the function.  But I’ve subscribed.  To humor him.

My list of favorite apps, in order of importance:

•  Scrabble
•  Angry Birds
•  Mahjong Dix Tiles
•  iPeriod
•  Holy Bible (should be higher on the list, but thought what it says about LYING)
•  Merriam-Webster Dictionary
•  Simple Note
•  White Noise
•  Facebook
and okay,

It now cannot be said of me that I am not on the cutting edge of technology.  And if I had a grammar app on the list, yes, that would be a double negative…

Happy Monday!

9 Responses to App-titude

  • How cool is this!! Thank him for me. What a great guy he is!! Now I can keep up with lives from my iPhone. I am so happy!
    Sorry about your period, I passed into menopause without so much as a broken nail! One day I went to the doctor for a physical and was told that blood work showed I was in full menopause. No hot flashes, no bloating, nothing. It does happen, hang in there.

  • Oh goodie!! An iPhone app!!! I <3 it! Oh another note, I am not sure if it is just me or not but your site is sloooooowwww loading for me. I am using Safari and I am not having issues with any other websites at this time. Just wanted you to know. 🙂

  • I thought I’d hit full-blown menopause after no periods for FIFTEEN MONTHS. But I was wrong. Apparently I was just so stressed out it caused me to stop. When I finally got around to relaxing a little, back it came, like yours WITH A VENGEANCE. Ugh. The only bright spot is that for those two weeks I didn’t have a hot flash. But that whole, “Oh if you go for a year, you’re free and clear” is SOOOO WRONG. I might need to check out that iPeriod app.

  • Hubs has an iphone (and I don’t, because why pay for a pricey phone when all I do is make calls and check the time?) and the one app I got excited about (***geeky teacher alert***) is SkyView. You can point your phone anywhere in the “sky” (from inside the house on your couch, hello!) and it will tell you what constellation or planet or thingamabob you are looking at. Very cool if you are studying astronomy.

  • Well, if I ever come into this century with my cell phone, I would LOVE your app. However, my phone is O-L-D and it is not a smart phone. Yes, that makes it a dumb phone. The learning curve is so much less on my phone though. It gives me more time to do the things I love, like sit in front of the TV with a Diet Pepsi. ;O)

  • LOVE the new app!!

    If you have a “smart phone” you need this! 🙂

  • Funny. I have most of those apps myself. Although I mainly play Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, and now Scramble with Friends. I’m all about the word games. I finally figured out how to download the Youversion Bible of my choice into my phone so I don’t need wifi to look something up. I’m going to check out the white noise app.

  • Oh how fun! Now to figure out which folder to put you in…

  • Had the SAME problem with my period – it stops for months then restarts, usually when I’m at work, sans feminine supplies, and hadn’t clued in to the fact that my recent bad mood was actually PMS (during which I can never figure out why EVERYBODY in my household has suddenly gone insane and is actively torturing me).

    I have to say, my fave two iPhone apps are Kindle (I have over 500 ebooks) and Shazam, which tells you the name & artist of that AMAZING new song you’re hearing on the radio and which the DJs never name for you.