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Steven Tyler v. the National Anthem

Social media was all abuzz today regarding Mr. Tyler’s rendition of the National Anthem at the Ravens/Patriots game over the weekend.  He was being slammed left and right for the way he sang, and for messing up some of the lyrics.

How bad could it be?

I’m a curious sort, so I checked it out on youtube.  Frankly, I don’t understand what all the fuss was about.  He is, after all, Steven Tyler.  I thought he did a pretty good job.  He sounded like, well, Steven Tyler.

I didn’t detect any disrespect, and thought he really threw himself into the song.  And he did it a cappella!  You’ve got to give him credit for his career longevity and his ability to keep spandex makers in business long after the 80’s were over.  He rocks.  And he’s 63.

This was nothing like the debacle that Rosanne Barr made of the National Anthem a number of years ago.  Just sayin’.  I’m still steamed about that one.

And another thing, I’m totally enjoying the kinder gentler American Idol again this season.  The 3 judges plus cute little Ryan have a wonderful rapport with one another and their mutual respect is obvious.  It’s had to believe that it’s been 10 years since that franchise was born.

Anyhoo.  What did y’all think of Steven’s try at the National Anthem?

14 Responses to Steven Tyler v. the National Anthem

  • I didn’t like it but that is because I don’t him. I don’t think he has a nice voice and that he shouldn’t be a judge on a show that has young singers when he sounds like he’s yelling the song all the time. But having said that, he does sound like Steven Tyler so what did the people expect?

  • I agree–I don’t see what the big deal is. He only sort-of rocked it once when he sort-of screamed, but he is a rocker. I’m not crazy about his voice, but I thought he was respectful. And, although I enjoy hearing beautiful voices sing the anthem, what I really want is respect for the country, the song, and what it means.

  • It seems no matter what you do someone can find something negative to say. He’s Steven Tyler and that is his style of music. If they wanted something different, they should have asked someone else.
    63 and he still rocks!!!!

  • I only heard one flub in lyrics… Would I buy a copy of it? Naw, I like pretty voices, and Steven’s voice is anything but that. But he did his best and was not being disrespectful. Some people just like to complain.

  • I don’t really like his singing but that is the way he does it. My husband has the same reaction as you – it sounds like Steven Tyler, so what is the big deal?

  • I have no idea who Steven Tyler is so I was listening with no idea at all what to expect. He screwed up once on they lyrics. People have done worse (and to MUCH more “important” things like forgetting “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance). There was a bit of rock and screaming, but at least it wasn’t directly in the microphone. What I disliked was the audience screaming in the background. Yes, you are at a sporting event. It hadn’t started yet. Stand up and stand respectfully.

  • I know! Seriously! What did people expect? Have they not heard Steven Tyler before? Did they expect him to sound like Josh Groban? I was actually pleasantly surprised when I listened. I didn’t cringe as much as I thought I would!

  • The same Roseanne Barr thought crossed my mind about four words into this post. I still cringe at the memory, and I can’t imagine that anyone could EVER mess up our national anthem worse than that if they worked at it for weeks ahead of time.

    Personally, I like Steven Tyler and get a kick out of him. I don’t think he was disrespectful, and like you said, it was Steven Tyler singing in the style he’s known for.

  • I have a real soft spot for some classic Aerosmith, so I have nothing against Steven Tyler. Plus I think the longevity of his career earns some respect. I’m enjoying American Idol more now, too. It seems more constructive, and not mean spirited.

  • I agree with you on all counts. I’ve become a total Steven Tyler fan since he joined Idol. It is SO much more pleasant to watch now.

  • Yep, that sounds like Stephen Tyler alright….

  • As John said- He is a Screamer and could never sing. He made his career screaming songs, which does a singer not make 🙂

    As fas as Idol? I stopped watching last season when the judges (imo) seemed to refuse to give the contestants any “tough love”. They fell over themselves to always be friendly and everything.

    Like the parent who wants to be there kid’s best friend vs the parent who believes in Cause and Effect and discipline.

    But, the former vs the latter seems to be the modus operandi nowadays with parenting. So, one would expect it to permeate other areas as well.

    That is just one humble TV watching mom’s opinion.

  • I think he hurt my ears.

  • I have a small Steven Tyler crush even though I don’t think his voice is the best. I didn’t think it was awful.