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Born to be Wild

On Friday night, our church threw a red carpet event to honor all of their volunteers.  It was a night I looked forward to, not just because it meant certain escape from the insane asylum that I affectionately call home, but because it afforded me a night to spend with some of my very favorite people in the world.  (You know, besides the inmates.)

On the way, I swung by my SIL’s house to pick her up.  She must have had the same idea that I did, in that she was waiting for me at the very end of her driveway.  I may have heard her yell, DON’T EVEN SLOW DOWN, I’LL LEAP IN!

And with that, we burned rubber in only a way that an elderly Toyota Prius can manage.

The church was wonderfully decorated with a biker theme.  And what luck, all of my com padres came dressed in black with me.  They must have gotten my telepathic memo.

One of the first pit stops that we needed to make was for the requisite photo, while straddling a real Harley.  It was determined that I would sit on the thing, since I was wearing pants.  The real picture would have been the back view side of me trying to hoist myself up onto that thing while wearing decidedly non-stretchy pants.  There are still a few body parts that I own that refuse to cooperate when asked to do something simple.  Like walking up stairs. Or straddling a Harley.  Okay, or performing a cartwheel.  But hope springs eternal.

(My partners in crime, from left to right:  Brianna, Trish, and Michelle)

We were treated to a feast which featured Chick-Fil-A, one of my very favorite indulgences.  This also included sweet and kindly Chick-Fil-A employees who responded to “thank you” with “my pleasure”.  Honestly, I don’t think you could work there and ever be in a bad mood.  I love that company.

The night culminated in some fun games put on by the church staff, and then recognition of all the groups of volunteers that help to make the place run like clockwork.  The addition of some wonderful praise music was the perfect capper to a great evening.

I love my church.  I love the church staff.  And I love the amazing people that volunteer their time to serve in all capacities from door greeters to the weary moms that help in the pre-school.  Volunteering is an amazing way to feel connected at your church, and a fabulous way to form life long friendships.  I highly recommend it.

If you volunteer at your church, in what area do you serve?

12 Responses to Born to be Wild

  • Hmmm, a number of my young “friends” (AKA friends of my son) have worked at Chik-fil-A. They said that saying, “my pleasure” was a job requirement. (There were a couple of other phrases too, I think.)

  • I had to laugh out loud from beginning to end of your post. First, I’ve been involved in a conversation all weekend about John Kay and Steppenwolf {and my trip to the biker bar to see them in the late 80s}. Second, we bought a new {to us} motorcycle this weekend and I cannot wait for the necessary repairs to be done and the weather to warm up. I love riding the wind behind the Rocket Man. This will require purchase of new leather, because I think my old coat is a size Small. Oh, how 6 years can change things. Third, I work at a church and I adore anyone who loves their church and staff and members in ministry {as we call our volunteers}! Thank you for smiles all around on a busy Monday morning after a stormy night, complete with tornado sirens and frightened dogs. Bless you today! And, by the way…along with working at church, we teach regularly in one of the senior adult classes {if you don’t count us, the average age has to be 92} and are helping with the start up of a new StepFamily ministry. Pretty excited about that!

  • I don’t volunteer in your church, but I used to work at CFA. Fantastic company to work for. 🙂

  • Back in the early 90s it wasn’t a requirement to say “my pleasure”. That I remember. That was along time and many cans of Aqua Net ago. 😉

  • Hi, Glad you had fun. We are having a good time with our new “church plant”. Wonderful group of families, which is a treat for us. I “play” the piano a couple of times a month and am my own girls “Sabbath school” teacher.
    Love it.

  • Sounds like a great night! My husband serves at our church as the College Pastor (and I help), he leads children’s worship on Sundays while I run the computers for that, and we are also on the prayer team to pray with people after service. It’s all volunteer and a lot of work, but fun too!

  • I try to serve wherever DeeDee serves. That way it is guaranteed to be fun (or at least memorable!)

    • This from the woman who was willing to climb up into the church rafters for a better view when our daughters were auditioning for the church musical…

  • I am the Host coordinator. Which really means I schedule greeters. 🙂

    And generally I do almost everything. If someone has a question, they come to me. If someone is lost, I’m the one who is sought to tell them where they need to be/go.

    In short, I volunteer as the Mouth of Monument Bible Church. 😀

  • It must be love your church week because I just posted about how much I love my church too! I’ve only been there a few months, but I ask myself every week why I didn’t visit WAY earlier!

    I sing in the choir and on the praise team. I also volunteer in our homeless ministries. I love it because that is something my kids can do with me even though they are only 2 and 3 years old. One of our progams is a ministry that works with homeless families – meaning they all have children. So we go and love on them as a family and my kids are learning to serve as well. It’s a win-win-win!

  • I’ve done everything from greeting to teens to being the church wedding coordinator. The one that I’ve stuck with for over 20 year though is the nursery! There’s never been a time that I wasn’t serving in nursery. It’s a good thing I had all the “business” taken out, because I’m the type who would forever want “one more baby”. Although I always remind myself they don’t stay sweet babies, but turn into challenging teens! I love our new church and being involved has been how I’m making new friends and connections.

  • What a wonderful evening! 🙂 Our church hosts an annual dinner for volunteers and their families. It’s always a lot of fun. I volunteer by co-teaching our Singles Sunday School class, spending 1 hour in the prayer room a week (for our intercessory prayer ministry), helping each month with “Mid America Foods” delivery/pickup, and once or twice a month with our sack lunch Saturday ministry.