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How I lighten up

You know how sometimes you’re in the middle of dealing with a really heavy subject, and you sit down at your computer and pour your heart out through your fingertips?  And then the next morning you read what you posted and you think to yourself, “I AM A DOWNER.”  Yeah.  I’ve had a few of those moments recently.

Your comments floored me.  I just had a feeling that suicide has touched the lives of more than a few of you.  I knew you would understand what was on my heart and what I was trying to say.

On a positive note, I did speak with my step-mother and she is handling this much better.  I was awfully worried about her as she wasn’t answering her phone all day.  Turns out she was alleviating stress by dining out and napping.  As she explained it to me, she’s in the angry phase of the grieving process.  Tomorrow may bring about a new wave of emotions.  It’s just something that you have to go through.

I decided to take drastic steps to get myself out of my own self imposed funk.  I did what any ordinary middle aged woman would do.  I checked “Monty Python & The Holy Grail” out of the library.  And oh my, it did not disappoint.  Fiddledaddy had to close me in my bedroom because of all the raucous guffawing.  You know me and inappropriate humor.  A match made in heaven.

New favorite line.  “I fart in your general direction.”  Even better than, “I’m not dead yet.”  Or “It’s only a flesh wound.”

Cinema brilliance.

Fiddledaddy, who has not seen the movie in a decade or more, asked me if I thought the kids could watch it.  Decidedly NOT.

And then I did something else.  Totally unexpected.  I’m somewhat of a rigid homeschooling mother.  I like a schedule and I like to stick to it.  Even if it kills me.  I had planned on working 5 days this week, but I spontaneously decided to chuck school for the day and spend a few hours at the park with friends.  Oh sure, I had pangs of guilt, but I got over it.

My homeschooling mentor, Lisa Whelchel, once told me that I needed to, well, lighten up.  If not, all they will remember is the stress.  I’m finally listening to her wise words.  After 7 long years of homeschooling.

Lighten up.  Life is precious.  And all too brief.

God bless you, my sweet friends.

8 Responses to How I lighten up

  • Everybody has the right not to be perky all the time. Life happens. I am glad you got out with your kids and had a good day. We should take advantage of those precious moments.

  • My favorite decision making tool: “(5, 10, 20) years from now how will I feel about this?”

    I am very regimented (list-scratcher-offer), but this is the one thing that, I think, keeps me “balanced”.

    I do not ever want to endure my children coming back and accusing me of failing them in school. However, I also don’t want them to return without memories of spontaneous fun, occasionally.

    • Thank you, Christine, your last paragraph was exactly what I needed to hear this morning especially after the long day my children and I had yesterday.

  • I agree! We spent the last 2 days on the couch watching a marathon of the Smurfs. Apparently I had set up a series recording on the dvr and I found SIXTY FOUR episodes saved on there!!!! It was good to have nothing to do but snuggle with my kids. Plus, my daughter was sick, so it was totally justifiable. Hehe.

  • I have been told the very same thing, and unfortunately I’ve gone from end of the spectrum to the other. I’ve been very rigid to where the nephew began to hate school, to being so relaxed we got way behind. We always did school work, but not as structured. Most people would not find what I was doing too lax, but I did. I THINK we have a good balance now, but I struggle every day with keeping that balance and not overwhelming him or me. 🙂 Especially now that he’s in high school and I have to keep records/transcripts, etc.

    I did “give in” and go ahead and schedule every federal/state holiday off for the year. With the other adults in the house who get those days off it was a battle to even do a half days work on those days, so we just take them off. Like yesterday.

    Although he had a 4-H Food Show competition yesterday in which he made a gluten free pizza. I totally counted that as Home Ec. 🙂 ( BTW… He won first place in his division and moves on to district. So, I guess he gets and A+) 🙂

  • Now you need get the soundtrack to Spamalot. “I’m not dead yet” set to music always lightens me up when I don’t have time to watch the movie. Plus, you can plug in your earbuds and the kids will never know.

  • I had a downer post yesterday, too. I’m feeling kind of icky about writing it, but today’s is much lighter.

    And, by the way, the Holy Grail is one of my favorites.
    “Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.”
    “It’s just a little bunny…”

    Have a good Tuesday.

  • ROFL!! Haven’t thought about that movie in a long, long, time! I believe we used the “flesh wound” line more than a few times in high school. Thanks for the laugh!