Moms are from Mars

Or maybe that’s just me.  Sometimes I feel like I must be speaking a completely different language because even if the people I live with looked up from what they were doing to see my lips moving, I MIGHT AS WELL BE INVISIBLE.

And it’s funny, because if it’s something that I don’t want them to hear, even if I’ve locked myself away in a closet on the other side of the house, THEY CAN HEAR EVERY SINGLE SYLLABLE.

What’s up with that?

While I’m ranting, and what prompted the title of this post, is that I finally think that Disney has vindicated moms everywhere with the release of the movie Mars Needs Moms.  Except that the film is considered an abysmal failure.

I’ve spoken over the years about my disappointment in Disney because in nearly every single movie, THE MOM HAS BEEN KILLED OFF.  Case in point:

Bambi:  (the mom is shot through the heart before you get a chance to rip the top off your Milk Duds)
Finding Nemo:  (mom murdered defending her young, again before a single Milk Dud is consumed)
Beauty & the Beast:  (no mention of mom)
Cinderella:  (mom killed off and replaced by a wicked step-mother)
Snow White:  (see Cinderella)
The Little Mermaid:  (mother allegedly killed by pirates)
Peter Pan:  (all of the lost boys are motherless)
Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan:  lather, rinse, repeat

But finally, Disney gets it right.  Last night we all gathered around the television to watch the Disney film, Mars Needs Moms.  The basic premise is that a young boy named Milo gains a deeper appreciation for his mom after Martians come to Earth to take her away.

We enjoyed this movie.  It had a terrific message.  And I’m not just talking about in a how a kid realizes how much his mom loves him and all that she does for him kind of way.  But rather that children need the love and attention of parents.  Parents.  (Soapbox alert.)  And it doesn’t take a village….

Interestingly, this movie is considered one of the biggest box office bombs of all time.  It cost something like 150 million to produce but only earned a paltry $6.9 million in its debut.

There is a lot of speculation as to why it performed so poorly.  Some said it was because audiences haven’t really caught on to the motion-capture technology used in this movie.  I have to admit that when I first saw Polar Express, I had a difficult time warming to this new genre.  It weirded me out.  But by the time I saw Jim Carrey’s version of A Christmas Carol I got it.  And then Avatar really blew the doors wide open on this type of movie.

All that I know is that I never heard about Mars Needs Moms until yesterday.

I thought it was just great.  The mom in this film (brilliantly underplayed by Joan Cusack) is not afraid to stand up to her kid and BE THE MOM.  Even when she feels totally see-through and that her words are falling on deaf ears.

This movie is a big thumbs up for moms everywhere.  Which is never a box office failure in my book.

9 Responses to Moms are from Mars

  • When I’m on about the third try of telling the kids or hubby something, I ask them if I’m speaking Portuguese. Usually that gets their attention enough that they actually hear what I’m saying and respond with more than an “uh huh” or “nuh uh”.

    I figure it’ll only work for a little while longer then I’ll have to come up with another language, lol. Maybe Swahili?

  • That is so great to hear. We are always looking for good family entertainment at our house! We saw the movie, “We bought a zoo” over the holidays, and my mowrd, who rates them? Not only was there some language, the *s* word in particular seemed to be a favorite, the content was well above what my 11 year-old would normally watch! It was a good movie and well-acted, but should NOT have been rated PG in my opinion. I will have to check out “Mars Needs Moms”. We need some good family time after such a hectic week! And it is only Thursday. *sigh*

  • Okay, that should have been “and, my word, who rates them?” I need to get off the computer and get my caffine IV going!

  • Note to those of you with young boys, the boy here is kinda bratty and “potty mouthed” if memory serves. Yes, very redemptive message, yes, very good ending. They just make the kid a little sassier at the beginning than I appreciated. Since our kids are a little prone to picking up on the sass I was glad we rented it on Redbox first so we could try before we buy.

  • Great review, DeeDee AND it’s on Netflix instant!! WOO HOO! My kids are going to be giddy to have a movie night tonight. Thanks!

    P.S. On a very serious note, (ha) have you seen this blog?! I almost cried with laughter the first time I saw it. Feel free to delete my comment if this falls in the annoying you with spam category. I just wanted to share a laugh. (Link deleted, but thanks for thinking of me. Really needing a laugh today!)

    • Alert to other readers. If you don’t like foul language, including the “f” word, do not click on the link she gave.

      • Thanks for the heads up. 🙂 Trying to keep this place kid friendly. Only F word we’re allowed to use is fat. Oh, scratch that. Okay, then, FUN! I deleted the link.

  • I’ve never heard of that movie. Maybe that’s why it failed… not many people have heard of it.

  • Thanks for sharing. Was wondering if MNM was worth the rental.