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A Cart for the Masses

I spent my Sunday afternoon in Walmart.  Because I have a deep and abiding need to torture myself.  And really, if you spend the afternoon at Walmart, the rest of your week can only improve.

I have moments that I take mental pictures of other Walmart patrons to be mentally posted onto Peopleofwalmart.com.  I’m not proud of these moments.  But in my own defense, I never ever actually whip out my camera or iPhone.  It’s just something I think about in a feeble attempt to take my mind off of my misery that I’m in Walmart on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

As tempting as a photograph might be, I have to think there but for the grace of God go I.  And I’m not adding a link, because I do not want you to lose the next 20 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back.  Like I just did.

Anyhoo.  While I was busy thinking, another thought that I had was that the Walmart shopping cart is poorly designed.  I know I’ve complained of the lack of this feature before, but it bears repeating.  The shopping cart really needs a cup holder.  Because the front facing child seat has far too many other functions to adequately keep a beverage in place.  Since I know longer have the need for a child seat to hold, you know, a child, I must use it for my coupon box and clip board containing my grocery list.

And this is a problem, since the clip board slips between the metal slats unless you have the plastic seat down.  A plastic seat that most likely is the singular carrier of the plague.

If you put the plastic seat thingie down, you run the risk of your coupon box slipping from the seat entirely, clattering to the floor, and thusly all of your hard work organizing your coupons by category is all for naught.

This has never actually happened to me, for if it did, I most certainly would make it onto Peopleofwalmart.com while sitting on the floor of Walmart, crying over spilled coupons.

There is also no decent place to store one’s bags that they dutifully tote in order to save a plastic tree.  Or 12.  In my case, I place them underneath the cart, but run the risk of tripping over the handle in the event they slip out.  I’ve done that.

On a positive note, Walmart is a place that I am guaranteed a good workout.  While there on Sunday I visited the gals at Customer Service in order to return something.  When I made my way to the back of the store I realized that I didn’t have my clip board containing my list.  I assumed it must have slipped between the slats and fallen to the floor unnoticed. Because you know, ALL THE VISUAL STIMULATION.   So I headed back up to Customer Service to see if anyone had found it.  No such luck.

I retraced my steps and could not locate it.  So I decided that I’d just have to rely on my memory.  Which is not unlike a sieve.  Just as I made it to the back of the store again, I heard an announcement over the intercom.  It went something like:  Would the static static static GREEN CLIPBOARD static static static Customer Service.

Back up to the front of the store I went to reclaim my clipboard.  Which evidently I had left on the counter during the return transaction.  And then I turned and went to the back of the store again to pick up where I left off.  I figure I clocked a good 3 miles.  Now you might ask yourself why I didn’t just start shopping from the front of the store.

Because I am, if nothing else, a sad creature of habit.

All this to say that I’m issuing Walmart a challenge.  Design a shopping cart with amenities such as a cup holder and a place for coupon box and shopping bags.  I may just do this myself and therefore will make my first million.  Right after I design a stroller to carry all the crap paraphernalia needed to frequent Disney World or other such ventures without spending money on food and for 6 year old boys who cannot muster the energy to walk more than a block.  Even though swinging from the light fixtures at home is a light work out.

If this has already been patented please let me know where I can find it.

Happy Monday, everyone.

15 Responses to A Cart for the Masses

  • I jam the cup beween my purs and the side of the shopping cart. As for the bags, they hang off the cart itself but I a temped to grab the carts that have the little car in front that hold kids because they have a cup holder and I can put the bags in where the kids go.

  • Your as enthusiastic about wal mart as I am. LOL Shopping hell!! I have fibromyalgia and a day at wal mart is exhausting.
    I did get my self a zipper binder with the baseball card inserts for my coupons. I can put my shopping list, pen etc. all in one place. When you open it you can use it like the clip board.

  • I can’t recall the last time I needed a cart at Walmart (our Walmarts don’t have grocery store sections. . .yet).

    However, at my grocery store, which has metal carts, there is a plastic seat flap for the top basket. So, if you have a child to sit in there, you put the flap down for more heiney comfort and to allow their legs through the holes. Should you have no child of such size with you, you keep the plastic flap up and put the clipboard against the plastic flap and rest the top portion on the back of the “seat”. (Doesn’t fall through that way.)

  • Since it’s Walmart, you have two options:

    1). Bungee cords
    2). Duct tape

  • I can help with the bag issue. Get a large carabiner clip, not the kind that has the lock, just a larger cheapo. Hook your bags on the clip and the clip on the cart. Simple. I hang mine from the part of the cart where a child’s legs would stick out if they were in the child seat. You might want to get a few if you get dollar store clips, the springs will wear out or pop out sometimes. When mine broke, my husband bought me a new one, from Home Depot. It was as big as my hand. He thought it would be funny, I think it is perfect. It’s definitely a conversation starter with the baggers at Publix.

  • Roll your bags up and put them in the child seat with the plastic thinger down (as if you were putting a child in it). Set your coupon box and clipboard on top of the bags. I do this all the time but with my winter coat instead of bags. It also improves the angle of the clipboard so I can actually read it and use it! 🙂 As for a cup holder, you may be able to get one in the auto or stroller accessories department. Or just wedge your cup in between your bag roll and the side of the cart. I hope this makes sense like it does in my head.

  • I LOVE the idea of cupholders on shopping carts. I think Costco needs those too!

    I always come home from Walmart depressed.

  • Ahhhh, the woes of Wally World shopping.

    Why not decorate a long plastic bin that will fit in the child seat & stuff everything in it? Works for me! 🙂

  • LynnMarie–You must never have had the “joy” of steering one of those car carts through the grocery store if it is a temptation to you.

  • I totally agree!! I need a cup holder. You will never know how many times I have trailed a line of whatever happened to be in my LARGE Sonic cup through the store because it tipped over just enough to leak. :o)

  • You could also get one of those cloth covers for the seat that moms with young children use. It covers all the slots in the seat so everything should stay in place.

  • I have often thought the same thing. And, I use the child seat to put my purse, etc. in while shopping, as well as using the seat belt to secure my purse to the cart. I thought it was great when someone put a special rack for a loaf of bread on the cart, so my bread doesn’t get “squished” by the other groceries.

    I did find this when doing an online search. It might help. http://www.amazon.com/Bill-Watson-Enterprises-Shopping-Holder/dp/B001POP48I

    And, I know this is not really what you were talking about, but I just think this as idea is SUPER GENIUS and really needs to be in EVERY STORE IN AMERICA to aid parents of special needs children. http://carolinescart.com/

  • You are just to funny! I have had the same dilema with the carts of any store!! And It does seem that walmart for some reason has the most interesting people to watch!

  • I thought of you this morning when I went to HEB. Their carts are PERFECT. I meant to take a picture to send you but my ADD kicked in so it didn’t happen. Anyway, they have the child seat and not one, but TWO cup holders and an extra space for your coupon box. So you put the plastic hiney flap down and put your clipboard there and then put the coupon box in it’s own little place. Perfect!

    • Cathy, I dearly miss HEB, as they were my favorite grocery store when I lived in San Antonio. I’m hoping this catches on in the east. 🙂