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The Cookie Pushers

I was busily stationed at the sink scrubbing dishes, when Fiddledaddy came in from the great outdoors asking me if I wanted any Girl Scout Cookies.

“Are you new?”

I followed him outside, leaving the purple rubber gloves on the counter.  On the driveway, I encountered a mom, cookie sheet in hand.  Her little green badge laden Girl Scout was more enamored with Jensen’s Rip Rider and did not spot an easy kill.  Her mother, who likely recognized the hormonal roller coaster that I am obviously on, did.  What other reason would I have for exiting the house wearing red Santa socks with black sandal Crocs.

Jensen got in on the act and asked if he could order some Girl Scout Cookies, but alas his parents pointed out that they are not gluten free.  Wherein the mother-of-the-girl-scout began opening up her brochure, “Well lets see if we have anything that’s gluten-free.”  Oh, she’s good.  But sadly, no gluten-free cookies.  When she noticed my crossed arms, toes kicking at the pavement, noting my obvious inner turmoil, she quickly pointed out that a 4 Girl Scout Thin Mints only rack up 4 Weight Watcher points.

Four is just my jumping off point.  “How much for a whole column?”

I decided it would not be to my advantage to do the math in my head so I made a snap decision, “Sure, put me down for a box of Thin Mints.”

Tonight at dinner, the conversation eventually drifted to talk of the impending delivery of the Girl Scout Cookies to our house.  Emme boldly asked, “Will I be able to have one?”

“Well that all depends on your behavior that day?”

“Just that day?”

To which her father injects, “Yes, a fresh box of Thin Mints seldom make it to the second day in this house.”  Sad.  But true.

Several noses will be pressed up against the window pane next month, awaiting the return of the cookie pusher.

Therefore, I will just meet her down at the mailbox.

Is anyone else powerless to say NO to the cookie pushers?  And what is your guilty pleasure?

15 Responses to The Cookie Pushers

  • I’m not a cookie pusher but I do own a gluten free bakery. I’m in the beginning stages of wanting to ship my products, and I’d love to send you some free cookies before I officially add shipping to my website. (My fear is that everything will end up in a million different pieces.) I met with a Fed Ex guy today and will hopefully send out a few boxes next week just to practice. 🙂

  • I have a sordid confession-I don’t like GS cookies- which leaves me feeling like the scourge when this time of year comes around and everyone and their mother’s uncle is hawking said cookies. Met an excellent cookie pusher the other day- she followed up my comment about not liking very adeptly with the “You could buy some for the troops!”

  • I absolutely adore thin mints. In fact, I sent a facebook message to a friend of mine who was pushing the cookies asking if she would mind shipping them. Internationally. To Japan. Did I mention I’m a missionary in Japan? Kind of makes feeding my thin mint cravings a little tough! Glad to know I’m not the only one with no will power against the cookies in the little box 🙂

  • I feel like such a hardnose here, but I can say no to the cookies. They are overpriced…way overpriced, and the local troops don’t get to keep enough of the proceeds. So, I do offer to donate $5 to the local troop. Once a year. Once. Because I believe between the door-to-door goers, the ambush them in the halls at church sellers, and the mob standing in front of every grocery store AND WalMart…I could spend my entire retirement account on cookies by buying one box per encounter.

    Rocket Man, on the other hand, is a soft sell for ANYTHING a child is selling and I think he takes cases of the things to work and gives them away!

  • Thin mints! And if the girl scouts get the husband each one is guaranteed a sale. (He figures it’s wise to keep the wife happy; but he claims it’s to help the Girl Scout out.)

  • When it comes to the GS thin mints, no self control here.

  • Thin Mints all the way. I bet they freeze well.

  • I need more than one box, because I need Thin Mints, the peanut butter patties, and Samoas. Although they might be Caramel Delights in other necks of the woods. I like to buy them when they’re Samoas. Overpriced? Of course. Tiny boxes? You bet. Does the troop get much of it? I have no idea. Am I still the easiest sale in Wisconsin? Yes. Yes I am. But I confess, I like to buy them from the Girl Scout herself. I’m not much for the “take the order sheet to mom or dad’s work” thing. I like to see the scout. Because I think the point is that she’s learning business.

    That said. Have you seen John Mulaney’s SNL bit on Girl Scout Cookies? SO HILARIOUS. Let me see if I can find it for you.

    Ah, yes. Here we go. So, so funny.

    “Put them in the freezer next time. Unless you don’t like having your mind blown.”

  • I actually don’t support the Girl Scouts because of their ties to Planned Parenthood. Don’t want to be a wet blanket, but all Girl Scouts have to pay a membership fee which goes to the corporate level which supports PP.

  • Thin mints and Samoas. My kids often buy their own boxes out of their allowance to make sure they get some 🙂

  • Thin Mints are my total downfall. I buy in bulk (just kidding sorta) and store them in the freezer. In fact just the other day I cracked open the last box of Thin Mints and ate a whole column in 1 sitting due to stress about a pending merger/union vote thing at work.

  • How do you have the willpower to buy just one box?

  • There isn’t a girl scout cookie I don’t like. They are getting a bit pricey however. But oh well, I’m still a sucker for buying a few boxes.

  • Thin Mints. I’m hoping this year I won’t have to buy any, though, since my neighbor who always got me (what with her cute little red wagon-full of deliciousness) has moved away now. But yeah, last year I think I bought like 5 boxes!