Partying with Red Box

There was a period of mourning in our home when two of our local Blockbuster rental stores closed down.  The kids loved having the ability to try out Wii games before committing them to their “I Wish I Wish” list.

And don’t even get me started about what Netflix and their pricing GOTCHA did to our ability to rent movies.

We’ve been discussing using one of the bright red box thingies that we’ve seen springing up outside of some of our favorite shopping locations.  And WHAT LUCK, I recently received an invitation to try out some game codes for Red Box through

I took the children to our local Walgreens and we stared at the Wii selections for a few moments.  Nearly immediately Jensen spotted the new Mario Olympics London 2012.

And because the sisters who spring from my competitive gene pool sensed a Wii smack down was eminent, they went along.  Since we are first time customers, we could only check out one game at a time.  After this, we’ll be able to check out TWO, and the offspring have their eye set on Wii Wipeout.

My daughter who appreciates good directions was able to navigate the Red Box system easily.  And immediately our selection appeared in the slot.  Could not have been more simple.

We decided to host a little Wii party with the cousins, so we sent out the invitation, BYOR.  (Bring your own remote.)  They had a blast.

We stopped back by Walgreens today to return our Wii game, and again thanks to the daughter who actually READS the directions (as opposed to her mother who believes that instructions are a mere suggestion) the return process was a snap.  I even received a confirmation e-mail telling me that the return was successful.

***  I wanted also to let you now about a promotion that Red Box is hosting called the “12 Days of Deals and Prizes.”  All you need to do is text FUN to 727272 for instant savings of 25 cents up to $1.00 off of your movie and game rental, as well as a chance to be entered to win a daily prize from Redbox.  But HURRY, this contest ends December 24th!

What are some of your must play Wii games???

Note:  I received codes from to be used for game rental, as well as an actual Wii game (WOOHOO…it was WIPEOUT) in exchange for my honest review.

3 Responses to Partying with Red Box

  • We have been Redbox fans for a while. They are awesome! Love that you can rent online and then go pick up at your leisure!

  • The REDBOX has wii games!!!! Oh my!!! How did I not know this????

    One little cutie LOVES the LEGO Star Wars. The other couldn’t really care less. Me, I’m in love with wii Resort. Probably because I love wii bowling! Real bowling – I stink!!! wii bowling – my high score is 226! But the real benefit is that if I pick it up and start playing it sucks the little munchkins into to playing too and that my friend is PE in this homeschool! 🙂

    More wii fun is on the way. I have it on good authority that Santa will most likely be bringing a wii balance board and a few games to go with it! Let the good time roll!

  • We enjoy renting from our Red Boxes too.

    My brother (and his family) recently took a 12hr road trip and he was able to rent Red Box movies along the way to keep the kids happy. Rent a movie in Penn and return it in Kentucky . . . Awesome.