For sale. One younger brother. Cheap.

I just thought perhaps that I’d like to give you a little glimpse into our day, just in the unlikely event that you might think I make things up.  Oh sure, I’ve been known to gild the lily now and again, but make things up?  No need.

As I reported a while ago, Jensen’s new favorite obsession is Peep and the Big Wide World.  He is particularly fond of the theme song, and since he was getting a good deal of it wrong, his intrepid father posted the actual words to the song on our refrigerator.  And after some coaching, Jensen can now sing the song verbatim.  Not only verbatim.  But ad nauseum as well.

During Cailey’s daily allotted computer time, Jensen graciously offered to provide a sound track.   This heartwarming footage was captured by Cailey, without my knowledge.  I’m sure to be entered into evidence in a court of law, where she reasoned no jury in their right mind would convict her.

Catchy, no?

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